Mornings with Mayesh: Shawn Michael Foley

Mornings with Mayesh: Shawn Michael Foley

Past Mayesh Design Star and author, Shawn Michael Foley joined me to discuss his new book, "I Just Want to Design", the designer's survival guide to falling in love with your business. We chat about burn out, 3 things that florist do that prevent success, when is it too late to turn things around, 3 main takeaways from the book, and so much more.


Podcast replay, video replay, and show notes:










  • Before we begin, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your flower journey?

  • What have you been up to since your Design Star Days?

  •  What motivated you to write this book?

  •  What was your biggest realization while writing your book?

  • How are a few ways someone might be burnt out but doesn't realize it?

  • What do you feel are 3 things florists do often that are actually preventing them from being successful?

  • Do you think it's ever "too late" to turn things around?

  •  If you could narrow it down to 3 main takeaways from your book what would you tell our viewers today?

  • How does someone get in touch with you if they feel they're ready to level up their career?

  • What else are you up to these days? (leading into the Virtual Summit)
  • How does one get their hands on a free ticket to view it live?

  • What if people can't watch all 4 days?

  • Who all will be presenting?

  • Any closing thoughts?







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