Mornings with Mayesh: Slay Inflation and Increase Your Margins

Mornings with Mayesh: Slay Inflation and Increase Your Margins

For our latest Mornings with Mayesh, Ryan O'Neil of Curate was my very special guest. Ryan shared how florists can combat inflation on events already sold, up their profit margins, and handle supply chain issues like a boss!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:




  • A couple of items that I want to cover before we get started:
  1. Round 2’s deadline, of August 22nd, for our Fresh Path customer appreciation giveaway is quickly approaching. Be sure to enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 personal marketing workshops.

  2. We are searching for all flower nerds!! Do you have what it takes to be a contestant in our 1st ever Flower Jeopardy game? You have the end of the month to take our qualifying quiz - the link can be found up on the blog and I’ll post it in the comments as well.

  3. Also, we have heard feedback that there are people out there that think that we only sell to large floral designers. This is absolutely not true. We love working with all business sizes and all design experiences. In fact, about 50% of our new registrations are for those who have 1-10 events this year and have 0-3 years experience. So if you have been thinking about reaching out, let go of those hesitations and take the first step by registering with us. Once you do that, then we will connect you with your branch and sales rep. 
  • Before we dig into how to deal with some current issues that many florists are facing, can you first give a few tips on how to price in general? I know on a past show you spoke about figuring out how much the owner needs to bring home and working backward from there - do you still recommend that approach?

  • How are florists dealing with inflation on events already sold? (See blog post below)
    • Creativity comes from constraints - 12:30ish

  • In the case study you all released, it seems like Curate made a big impact on Stacy's company. Could you give an overview of what kind of problems Stacy was facing in her company?
  • Are there any new tips that you've heard about how florists are handling supply chain issues?
    • One item that Stacy mentioned to me was that while we saved her a full-time employee, now she has a new part-time job just trying to deal with supply chain issues. 

  • What should our MWM listeners anticipate is coming down the line in software for florists?



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