Mornings with Mayesh: Southwest Aesthetic with Akiko Senda

Mornings with Mayesh: Southwest Aesthetic with Akiko Senda

This month’s Mayesh Design Star, Akiko Senda, is bringing Tucson to you in a terra cotta pot! In her first video, she demonstrates how to create a potted floral cactus garden. We dove a bit more into her design along with chatting about the challenges of owning a business that does both retail and events, changes she made to make it through a pandemic, her new space, and so much more!

Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:






  • As you all know, I love when we have “firsts” to talk about! And this is the first time we had a cacti, succulent, flower design. What inspired you to select this design to demonstrate for your first Mayesh Design Star video?

  • How would you price this design?


  • Are these usually made-to-order, or do you ever make the cactus gardens ahead of time since they last, and then add fresh flowers when customers buy them?


  • Even though you typically sell these as retail pieces, have brides ever asked to use them as centerpieces?
    • modern love - black cactus - 


  • What is it like to work in the desert? And how does that compare to when you were in Los Angeles?

  • What are some challenges of being both a retail and events florist?

  • We will have time to dive more into the event side of the business next month, but since you did a retail design for this month I wanted to ask you how the retail part of your business is structured? 
    • Like website, POS, marketing, design team, etc
    • uses Square for POS and website
    • MailChimp for email marketing
    • 6 full-time team members
    • team of delivery drivers

  • What are some changes that you had to make in order to ensure your business’ survival through a pandemic?
    • closing retail for 4 months


  • I heard you are moving into a new space - congratulations! Tell us more about the move.
    • we are upgrading from 600sq ft to 1400+ s


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