Mornings with Mayesh: Tablescapes & Finding Your Creative Voice with Jayne Kim

Mornings with Mayesh: Tablescapes & Finding Your Creative Voice with Jayne Kim

After a long Valentine's Day holiday, it’s time to grab a coffee and relax with us. Jayne Kim of Still Carnations, and our first 2022 Mayesh Design Star, joined me to chat about her whimsical & eclectic tablescape design that was featured in our February video along with touching on finding your own creative voice, and how to target your ideal client.

A few notes before we move on .... Did you know that we are celebrating 10 years of Mayesh Design Star this year?! Yep, that is right … and makes me feel old! We launched this program back in 2012 featuring our very first design star, Mandy Majerik! Fast forward through 10 years and 16 designers and here we are!! We have something very special to celebrate, so be sure to stay tuned as the details will be coming out next week!

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Below is the podcast, video replay, and show notes:









  • How is moving into your new space going? What have you learned so far in this new endeavor?

  • How was your Valentine’s Day holiday as a business? I saw that you had a collaboration happening - how did that come about and do you think it was successful?

  • For your second video, you designed an eclectic tablescape. You first talk about starting out with a source of inspiration, in which case was a beautiful butterfly-themed plate. When designing your tablescapes, do you typically get to choose all of the table elements or do you work with the other event professionals that may be involved with the event?


  • You discussed this a little bit in the video, but can you talk more about how you strike a balance in keeping your flower selections eclectic but still cohesive?
    • sound bit - 15ish about petal shape


  • Do you have any “rules” for mixing patterns and bringing different elements together when designing an eclectic tablescape or vignette?


  • You used a frog in a salt or condiment dish. Amy Balsters mentioned recently how she has designed in pasta bowls. With certain floral supplies in short supply, what other non-traditional vessels have you used?

  • What advice can you share on how to find your own creative voice?
  • We get questions all of the time about how to target your ideal clientele - do you have any pointers?


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