Mornings with Mayesh: The Big Flower Fight Interview

The Big Flower Fight Interview with Sarah Campbell & Jordan Marx


Have you watched the new Netflix series, The Big Flower Fight, yet? The show is filled with a plethora of plants, beautiful flowers, larger than life designs, and a vibrant mix of contestants! One of the design duos from the show, Sarah Campbell & Jordan Marx, joined Yvonne for a special episode of Mornings with Mayesh to discuss their experiences and stories. So. Much. Fun.

If you've watched the show, share your thoughts in the comments below. Did you enjoy the series? What was your favorite episode? What was your favorite design? Who was your favorite design couple?


Here are the video, podcast replay, and show notes:





  • Before we get started, can you both introduce yourselves and tell us your flower story?

  • What was it like behind the scenes? 


  • How were the contestant teams chosen? How were the judges chosen? Was there a list of criteria that was presented to contestants so that they knew what the judges were using as criteria for the awards?


  •  Which floral sculpture were you proudest of?
    • 1st Enormous Insects
    • 2nd Fabulous Floral Fashion - Sarah’s 2nd fave
    • 3rd Huge Hairy Beasts - Sarah’s favorite
    • 4th Giant Edible Thrones
    • 5th Magnificient Mobiles - Jordan’s favorite
    • 6th Sea Creatures
    • 7th Green Giants
    • 8th Fairytale Finale


  • How much information did the contestants get before the show? Was the show what you expected?  Did you feel you were prepared?


  • What would you have done differently if you could do it again?


  • What was it like with all the cameras around and the time and competition pressure?


  • How would suggest the show should be done differently in future? 


  • What was the biggest thing you learned?


  • Can anything you did on the show be applied to your work as wedding florists?




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