New Garden Roses for Florists

New Garden Roses for Florists

In this video presentation, the focus is on some new garden roses and garden-style roses for floral designers available for this spring and summer, as well as a new category that David Dahlson is calling the "New Garden Rose". This category contains roses that look and behave more like the modest roses we may remember from our youth, perhaps in our parents' gardens, in public rose gardens in parks, in cottage gardens, or simply viewed in their bucolic splendor along country lanes.

The roses featured are Creamykiss, Kings Cross, Antonia, and Peonikiss. These have the classic "cabbage rose" look, being fully double, often quartered, with a large number of petals, reminiscent of the glorious Bourbon roses of the 19th century. These are followed by a selection of modern roses that echo the garden roses of the first half of the 20th century, which were generally less fussy than their fin-de-siècle counterparts and much easier to grow. Champagne, Sensei, and Silver Sand reflect the nature and temperament of these roses and are tremendous accents in contemporary design work that focuses on more relaxed and natural-looking compositions. Another distinct advantage of these roses is that they are much more affordable than the "garden-style" roses that have enjoyed so much popularity over the last twenty years or so. Please note that these roses are not classified in the Mayesh system as garden roses, so please search in the rose category by their name.

Last but not least, David presents a very new item, namely "Micro-Spray Roses" which trace their lineage back to rosa chinensis, one of the hardiest of the rose species and whose genetics have been used to breed many, many of our classic roses that we know today. These are so precocious due to their miniature size, their beguiling beauty, and what is a refreshing new take on Garden Roses.

We do hope you enjoy the video, and do not hesitate to contact your sales associates about these new products coming for Spring 2024.


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