Update on Rose Availability


In the spirit of keeping you abreast of any updates within the industry that affect us all and as a follow-up to Patrick’s last video message, we wanted to provide information about the rose supply.

Please know that rose production reached record lows this week and it appears that we have not seen the worst of it yet. We are seeing this change due to the weather, but more so because of the effects produced by the lockdown in March and April due to Covid-19.  The farms were mostly abandoned during that time and once operations were able to be restarted, production had been severely affected by issues like farms permanently shutting down, diseases, bug infestations, etc.  Many of the plants had to be pinched and some were so badly affected that they had to be entirely eradicated.


Normally, rose production sees an up and down cycle created by the Valentine’s Day pinch, but this year it was more severe for the reasons mentioned above. As always, your team at Mayesh is doing everything we can to fulfill your orders. However, while we do hope to see an improvement within a couple of weeks, talking over substitutions proactively with your sales representative will be greatly beneficial.


Thank you so much for your support! We are in this together with you!

P.S. Don't forget to keep checking Mayesh Direct BoxLots to see any roses that may be in stock to help with your floral needs. 





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