Video Chat: Streamline Your Proposal Process

Video Chat: Streamline Your Proposal Process

live video: streamline your proposal process

Yesterday's live video chat with Cristina Barragan of Posh Peony was really great and full of amazing content! If you missed it, be sure to set some time aside to learn how to cut your client management time in half through the use of templates and automation features using systems like HoneyBook by watching the replay below. Cristina walks you through her streamlined process from lead capture to completion - letting you in on her many tips & tricks that she has accumulated over the years! You will learn how to save time, create beautiful proposals that convert, and maintain an elevated client experience from the get-go! Setting up your systems will take some investment, especially of your time, but I think you will find it truly worth your while.


If you are interested in learning more about the available apps for florists that are mentioned during our chat - HoneyBook, StemCounter, Details & more - check out our comparison blog post here.


Don't forget to take advantage of Cristina's FREE Nurture Email Series Templates by texting using the information below and save 20% off your HoneyBook membership by visiting

TO: 44222


A few other resources were mentioned during the chat and you will find the links to those below.



Design graphics - for freebies and more:

CRM & amazing marketing/sales blog:


I'd love to hear your thoughts about how you plan on improving your process or what steps that you have taken already that has worked for you in the comments below!




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