2017 Memorial Day Flowers Recap



Two weeks ago, we participated once again in a very special event, Memorial Day Flowers. Memorial Day is a day to recognize the fallen men and women who have served our country, and we are honored to be a part in such an important event. We received a few sets of images from places we sent roses, we hope they'll inspire you to participate next year!



Gonsalves-Fasso Flowers | Hanford, CA


We participated in the Memorial Day celebration at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Coalinga. There was a great turn out from our Avenal community as you can see by the picture.  Thank you to Avenal Police Dept and their explorer program.


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Kathryn Church Designs | Idaho


We gave them away at a local cookie stand who was giving vets free cookies at our farmer's market and then at the cemetery.  We marked the flags with roses (each flag has a dog tag on it.)   And some we just gave to people or placed on a grave who were there at the cemetery.


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Ventura, California


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