2019 Memorial Day Flowers Recap



Each year our customers participate in the Memorial Day Flowers event, honoring the U.S. service men and women who are no longer with us by passing out roses. We are honored be involved in this important event every year and are appreciative of our customers who participate as well!



The Watering Can Shoppe | Paulden, AZ


 I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit our towns National Cemetery today with my family. It filled my soul as I walked the graves with my kids. Talking about the different wars, thinking about the lives they lived and wondering about those they left behind. We all found birthday twins and a teary eyed vet asked if the kids would like to try on his hat. The kids loved handing out the roses and everyone was so appreciative!
I am so grateful for the men, woman and families who sacrificed it all so that we could enjoy so many of the freedoms we have today. It was a tender and heart warming experience I hope we always remember. 
Pure Blooms | Casa Grande, AZ


 I chose to support My hometown Casa Grande. They hold an annual Memorial Day service at our local cemetery.

 We made some beautiful arrangements to be placed around the photos on the memorabilia table. We placed buckets and handed out roses to the family member's as they left the service, which had a very big turnout. We also drove around and put some roses next to the flags put up in residential yards.
Flower Petal Boutique | Las Vegas, NV


We handed out the flowers at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City.  Thank you for the opportunity!






Prescott Flower Shop | Prescott, AZ


This was my third year handing them out.  Most of the recent internments are along the wall, so I stand at the walkway up to them and offer the roses and the handouts to people who are coming to the cemetery.


memorial day 2019 4

memorial day 2019 2

memorial day 2019 3



An Enchanted Florist | Hanford, CA


We set up at 9:00am Monday. The Marine Corp program started at 10:00 and lasted to 12:00pm.

People at first were hesitant mistaking us for selling the roses. The spokes person for the Marine Corp was very good at mentioning the roses were complementary very often. By the end of the program many more people came by to receive their roses. We were met with surprise and appreciation.

This cemetery services 4 rural south valley communities. They put on an extensive program dedicating new flags for servicemen who have passed each year. All roses were handed out to the very last one. 





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