Constance Spry Bracket Updates

Constance Spry Bracket Updates

WOW! We were thrilled about this design challenge and anticipated only a handful of submissions. Luckily, it seems that you all adored this challenge just as much as we did, as we received over 200 stunning Constance Spry-inspired designs! The caliber of these submissions and how each one embodied the essence of the challenge was fantastic, making the task of selecting just 32 designs for the bracket incredibly challenging. Nevertheless, we managed to narrow it down to these gorgeous designs that we're certain Constance would love.

To maintain fairness in the voting process, the designs will remain anonymous throughout the bracket. Rest assured, we will give credit where it's undoubtedly deserved by revealing the talented designers behind these arrangements at the end!

The image below is just a bird's eye view of the bracket, but all voting is taking place over on Instagram Stories RIGHT NOW! And don't worry, you'll be able to see the designs much larger to help with your decisions. So click the button below to vote for your favorites, and make sure to check back each day to vote for the next round. Winner announced Saturday!



Constance Bracket3


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