David Austin: Shades of White

David Austin: Shades of White

We are continuing our special promotion with David Austin Roses where we encourage you to use a larger volume of exquisite roses throughout your couple’s wedding day. Focusing on ‘Shades of White’, David Austin Wedding Roses offer a jaw-droppingly beautiful collection of white, cream, and ivory roses that will make your couples weak at the knees.

White is a truly classic choice for a wedding color scheme and its timeless style allows for it to be used throughout the year, suiting anything from a spring soirée to an autumn affair. Shades of White is just one of the available color palettes to order at 500 stems, allowing you to deliver a stunning David Austin Wedding for your bride and groom. From grand, spirally staircases adorned with cascading florals, to show-stopping table centerpieces, the options really are endless.

With name connotations of ‘light’ and ‘compassion’, the Leonora rose is often understated and always elegant. A wedding favorite amongst couples, her ruffled blooms will bring a fresh scent of cucumber and citrus to the air. With soft ivory petals that hold a luminous shine, she looks idyllic paired with simple foliage, on her own or amongst pastel floral friends.

Meanwhile, Patience is recognized across the globe for her strong scent, offering Old Rose and a dash of lemon throughout her perfect rosette. She works in total harmony with fellow white flowers and tumbling foliage, lending herself to be the star of the show for a statement archway or regal urn.

The Eugenie rose is a playful addition to the ‘Shades of White’ palette, offering effervescent, frothy petals that open up into a flamboyant peach-blush rosette center. Her feminine and frilly presence is guaranteed to capture the hearts of your brides.

You are not restricted to using David Austin Wedding Roses just for a bridal bouquet – in fact, there are an array of ways to utilize these world-renowned roses throughout a wedding. Should you consider using these beautiful blooms throughout your couples’ weddings, we recommend you order at least four weeks in advance.


*Deadline to order: October 31st, 2022








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