Inside Out Design Challenge Voting

Inside Out Design Challenge Voting

The submissions have been received, and now it's time to cast your vote for the most captivating Inside Out-inspired floral design! When we challenged you to create a design embodying an emotion or feeling, we had no idea what to expect or how deeply this task would resonate with you. To our surprise, we received nearly 50 entries, each one a heartfelt expression. From joy to anxiety, grief to disgust, the entire spectrum of human emotions was beautifully captured in this design competition. Selecting the top 20 finalists was no small feat, given the profound emotional depth poured into each design. Yet, after careful consideration, we have managed to narrow it down to these twenty entries!

Before you make your selection, we urge you to take a moment to explore each post in its entirety. The accompanying captions provide a deeper insight and context into the final creations. The vulnerability and personal narratives shared within our community have truly touched us. Flowers serve as a powerful medium, allowing you to express a myriad of emotions and capture the essence of the human experience - complex, chaotic, and undeniably beautiful. Scroll down past the images to click into each post.

Voting will be open Monday July 8th through Friday July 12th at 12pm EST and the winner will be announced next week! Happy voting!


View the full submissions here:

Disgust & Loathing - Fleur Detroit
Joy - Greenhouse Florals
Anger - Fleurs DC
All Emotions Working Together - Sheridan Grace Floral Design
Rollercoaster of Emotions - Kat's Floral Design
Calm within the Storm - Flowers & Fern Floral Garden
Anxiety & Depression - Historia Florals (*trigger warning)
Disgust - Pretty & Posh Florals
Anger - She Does Flowers
Naughty/Sexual Expression - Twisted Stem
Anxiety - Gabby Saab
Excitement - Piney Rose Floral
Emotional Rollercoaster - Gladrich Florist Shoppe
Joy - Lorraine's Cottage
Euphoria - The Petal Exchange
Fear - Christine Nielsen
Sadness - Heather Rowland
The Essence of Emotions - Flower Touch by Maritza
Nostalgia - Salt Floral Design 
Everyday Emotions - Marigold's Florist 

*Only one vote per device allowed

And to view the rest of the entries, visit #mayeshdesignbyemotions! Thank you to all who put their heart into this challenge and submitted a design!



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