Eucalyptus Update

Eucalyptus Update


Hey flower folks! This is your annual reminder that it's that time of year when things start to get a little seedy when it comes to Eucalyptus. Get it? Seeded Eucalyptus? Am I the only one laughing?


Jokes aside... for the next couple of months, please be aware of the following things when you are ordering Eucalyptus. Gunni has already started gapping, and what we are seeing has a ton of new growth. Silver Dollar typically stays solid through this time period, but can also have the new growth. This new growth is tender and doesn't like the cold of our coolers, and as a result will turn black and wilt pretty quickly. Cutting off new growth & cleaning it up will help its appearance, but just know that there may be a little extra work involved when it comes to processing!


Lastly, Seeded eucalyptus will begin to cup, and they won't look like seeds any more. To understand more about why that happens, check out this throwback Mayesh Minute where David Dahlson explains the science behind this!




One more thing to note - when it comes to ordering our custom garlands, Seeded, Gunni & Parvafolia Euc are too tender to cut for the next couple of months, so please keep that in mind!


Here are a few suggestions from our Purchasing Department for some subs, but be sure to check with your Sales Rep for more ideas regarding best seasonal sub-options to consider.


Feather Eucalyptus 
Willow Eucalyptus Seeded Weeping
Willow Eucalyptus Weeping (not seeded)
Hypericum - for the seeded texture look 





And of course, don't forget to download our Garland Guide for some inspiration on some of the different combinations we offer!





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