Financial & Educational Floral Design Resources

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We recently received an email from a new floral designer asking if we could point her in the right direction for financial aid opportunities in becoming a certified floral designer. Whether you're brand new to the industry trying to decide what path you want to take, you want to get certified, or you could just a little help getting started in your floral education journey, here are some helpful links to get you started!



Scholarships & Financial Aid

These are geared toward designers looking to go the more traditional route in becoming certified as a floral designer


AFE Scholarships
AFE Grants 
AIFD Scholarships


Educational Resources

These offer some free resources, reasonable resources, and paid opportunities.


Bloom Trust Co.
Real Flower Business
The Floral Coach
Siren Floral Co.
Team Flower



And of course, don't forget about all of our own educational resources available to you! If you're reading this blog, chances are you already tune into Mornings with Mayesh or are aware of our downloadable guides, design videos, and more... but did you know that we recently created one convenient spot to house all of our fabulous, free educational resources? Check it out!






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