The Florists' Review Podcast

The Florists' Review Podcast

With Yvonne Ashton of Mayesh, Director of Marketing

Check out Florists' Review's Flower Hour podcast interview with our very own Director of Marketing, Yvonne Ashton!

From Florists' Review: Yvonne Ashton, a marketing whiz at Mayesh, unravels the family roots of this leading floral distributor, and Canann Marshall, a premier florist, shares his journey that started in a museum and slowly bloomed into creating stunning floral arrangements for events and weddings with features in prestigious magazines and a guest spot on HBO MAX's show Full Bloom.

Gain a deeper understanding as Yvonne explains the complex process of introducing new products into the market, the importance of nurturing relationships with breeders and growers, and the role of technology in aiding these processes. Canaan offers a glimpse of his unique style as an event florist. Discover the significance of advanced planning to ensure the perfect flower arrangement for the big day. From the roots of a leading floral distributor to creating breathtaking floral arrangements for events and weddings, their journey is as captivating as the blooms they work with.




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