Flower 411: August 2018


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Just Starting


Asclepia pods (Moby Dick)

Anemone Japanese - import

Broom Corn


Chinese Lanterns - varg. - green/orange at the moment

Clematis Pods - import

Crocosmia Flower - Local CA and OR

Datura pods


Grasses - tall with seed heads, all types

Hops Garlands

Hydrangea Local - Hot Pink and Blue

Integrifolia (tinted)

Lisianthus Light Brown - import

Marigold French

Millet Brown

Millet Green Hanging

Nandina - Oregon

Nigella white and blue - import - $$

Pampas Grass Fresh - limited

Ranunculus butterfly - Blush, Yellow, Orange, Red - import SA - limited

Riceflower - pink only - local


Silver Sage (Tinted)-ask for colors

Tomato Vines - limited time

Trachelium - Purple, White, Green - local

Trifolium White (Clover) - import

Trycyrtis - import

Viburnum berries - cranberry

Viburnum Steel Berry (Black) - import - $$$$

Viburnum Tinus - import

Vine Maple

Weigelia Foliage

Yarrow Button (Tansy)

Zinnia Local





Acacia Foliage - Purple Feather

Acacia Foliage - Knifeblade

Alchemilla Mollis - local and import

Agapanthus - import

Allium - import

Amaranthus Hanging - Green and Red

Amaranthus Upright - Green, Red, Bronze

Amaryllis - import

Anemone - import

Asclepias - local

Aster Matsumoto

Astrantia - import

Banksia Protea - import only - local orange just starting

Begonia Leaves

Bells of Ireland - 32” is the tallest right now

Bittersweet Vine Green - OR

Bouvardia - import



Celosia Feather - limited colors

Camelia Foliage

Campanula - import

Chocolate Lace

Clematis - Dutch - no White

Cornflower - limited - only blue

Cosmos Chocolate - local

Cotinus purple foliage only

Coxcomb Large - Dutch

Coxcomb local - smaller headed

Craspedia - local

Crocosmia pods - import

Cymbidium - Large or Mini - New Zealand

Dahlias -

  • Good availability on dahlias:
  • Cafes have been in good supply
  • Peaches, whites & Pinks are a bit tighter in supply
  • Ball Dahlias- Most colors available


Delph - Dark Blue Bella or Volkenfreifden

Delph Hybrid Local - 30-32” tall is the tallest we can get- not big or beefy

Dianthus Green Trick or Green Ball - local and import

Dianthus Gypsy - Hot pink and purple

Echinacea cones

Echinops - local


Eremurus - import

Eucomis - local

Euphorbia local (dog eye, fire glow ,martini, snow on the mountain)

Explosion Grass

Freesia regular - import

Freesia Super - local - $$$$

Fruiting Branch Pomegranate


Gloriosa short - Dutch

Gloriosa long - Dutch

Gentiana - import

Gerbera - local


Green mist

Grevillea Foliage

Grevillea Flower - assorted only

Hellebores - import SA, NZ

Hosta - import

Hyacinth - import

Hyacinth - muscari blue or white - import

Hydrangea lacecap

Hydrangea peegee


Kalanchoe - local

Kale Large - green - local

Kale Large - colors - Dutch

Kale Frilly - Dutch

Kangaroo Paw - local


Leis and Lei strands - orchids and stephanotis

Leucadendron Jubilee Crown and Galpinii

Lilac - import - $$$$$

Limonium - import or local (limited)

Lisianthus local - regular colors (no brown)

Lisianthus - light brown, dark brown - import

Lily of the valley - import

Manzanita/natural and sandblasted

Magnolia - local California

Marigolds - yellow and orange

Monarda - local


Nerine - import


Ornithogalum - white, yellow, orange - import

Ornithogalum Arabicum - import

Passion vine foliage w/ flowers

Penny Cress - import

Peony Alaska - 2 weeks left

Pepperberry hanging w/berries

Phlox - import

Pokeweed w/ berries

Protea - import

Queen Anne’s Lace

Ranunculus - import - South America

Sages - culinary - Portland


Scabiosa annual colors - black and white - local

Scabiosa annual - all colors - import

Scabiosa Perennial - white and blue - local

Scented Geranium

Sedum - OR - white,pink,green - local sedum available & starting to turn pink

Smilax Bag

Southern Smilax Texas


Statice Sinuata - NO peach


Stephanotis Vines

Sunflower - black center, green center

Sunflower - Mini - Black Center

Tritoma/kniphofia - CA

Thryptomene/Calycina - import

Tulips - double, frilled, parrots extremely limited - local

Tweedia - local

Yarrow Cottage - CA and OR

Veronica - local - blue & white, limited pink - import also available

Viburnum Snowball - import only

Waxflower - import only






Artichokes all size and colors – gapping for 2 weeks

Brunia Silver - $$$$$

Chamomile/Matricaria/Feverfew - limited

Cosmos - pinks and whites - import Holland

Delph Light Blue Bella or Waltz - very limited

Dusty Miller Lacey - limited locally

Eucalyptus Gunni- limited

Eucalyptus parvifolia - limited

Eucalyptus Small leaf  (moon lagoon, gumdrop, bonsai) - extremely limited


Fruited Branch - Blackberry

Gardenia Foliage

Geum Mango - Heavy orange, some red - gapping, limited availability

Godetia - limited colors - import

Grevillea Flowering - local asst only

Jasmine - foliage only - starts back up towards August

Lavender - English local production very limited, but plenty of French

Lily of the Valley - local 10st - $$$$$$$


Papyrus Lions Head - advance notice required - Costa Rica

Pieris Japonica - barely starting a few weeks out still

Protea King white - limited

Pink Ice Protea - local production limited

Protea white


Sweet Peas - local production limited due to heat

Sweet Pea - Dutch - 35cm short



Finished/ Not Available


Acacia foliage pearl

Amaranthus white - yearning desert - we are no longer able to import this season because of California Agriculture

Anemone - local

Bear Grass - Super length - only available in the late summer now

Bleeding Hearts

Blossom (blooming branches) - all

Calicarpa - Beauty Berry

Chamomile yellow daisy - no one grows this anymore

Clematis - local - Grower has severe damage - will not cut any for all of 2018

Cotinus flowering - all colors

Euc flowering

Delphinium Belladonna White

Dogwood Flowering

Foxglove Peach

Fruiting Branch - Blueberry

Fruited Branch - Raspberry


Heather - all colors, all types

Honey Suckle - gapping due to heat

Japanese maple foliage - Red

Kumquats - restricted by the Department of Agriculture - not available until further notice

Lace Flower

Laurel Varg. Foliage

Lunaria - finished for the year

Magnolia Tips from the south - available first week of Sept.

Magnolia Blooming

Marco Polo Thistle

Marguerite Daisy white

Mock Orange

Nigella - Flowering - local production gapping for 2-3 weeks

Nigella Pods - won’t be ready for 2 weeks

Peony Tree

Poppies - hybrid & Icelandic 

Pussy willow fantail

Privet - black berries

Protea Pink Mink

Ranunculus - local

Shasta Daisy

Spirea - local, Dutch or Japan

Statice Tissue - heat damage

Sterling Range Heather

Sweet Pea - Japan


Viburnum Blooming - all types

Viburnum Pink - Mary Milton

Viburnum Popcorn

Yarrow - CA and OR - coming back in September


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