Flower 411: Local Peonies Starting!!





  • Japanese product--- pretty much finished after this weekend. A few sweet peas and ranunculus will trickle in but do not count on them, mainly solid colors on sweet peas. The bicolors are finished.
  • Roses-- please keep your eye on your landed prices. Production is down and prices are up.


Finished/ Not Available


Acacia - Blooming all varieties

Agonis - off crop until end of April / early May







Eremurus White

Festival Bush / Xmas Bush


Flannel Flower

Freesia Super

Genestra - local and import finished


Honey Suckle - (will start back up in April)


Laurel Varg.



Mock orange - not until summer



Pieris Flowering - finished again



Poppies Italian

Privett Black

Protea Blushing Bride- wont start back up until May

Protea Pink Mink

Protea King white - finished until May


Saracena (cobra lily)

Sedum all shades

Snow on the mountain

Southern Smilax - off crop until end of May

Stephanotis - off crop

Sweet Pea Japanese - finished

Thryptomene/ Calycina

Vinurmun Tinus





Agonis - extremely limited and $$$$$

Amaranthus upright bronze - extremely limited

Anemone white w/green center- only 1 grower and he is limited so if you have large amounts go Dutch

Artichokes - Burgundy

Aster Matsumoto- lavender or white

Banksia -limited

Camelia- Oregon is off crop

China mums

Dahlia Café Au Lait - very limited

Delph Bella/waltz White - extremely limited

Delph Belladonna or Waltz light or dark blue - staring to come back but still limited

Delph Hybrid White and pink- extremely limited

Euc parvifolia

Fern Shoots - limited and price increase


Hypericum - coco avanti and coco casino are gapping for 2 more weeks. Sunkist --has been having production issues

Ivy tree variegated

Lisianthus Local - peach/blush same color and limited

Lisianthus Brown- local only, very very limited



Pampas Grass - extremely limited

Protea white 

Scabiosa - very limited locally Import has white, pink lavender, black, Bi Colors

Trachelium- limited locally- available import

Yarrow Yellow - import only

Warratah protea red - import


Plentiful/ Flushing



Boronia hot pink


Plentiful/ Flushing-continued

Dianthus Gypsy

Dianthus green


Gypsy Dianthus

Iris telstar


Ornithogalum Dubium

Protea pincushion

Protea pink ice

Queen annes lace - white or choco





Tulip French


Viburnum Local


Just Starting


Acacia foliage - purple fern leaf

Aquilegia - white, pink, burg

Bleeding heart- red, white, pink

Delphinium Light Pink - short-limited

Dogwood flowering - limited

Clematis- Local-white limited

Grevillia flowering

Easter Lily cut- import only

Peony USA

Plum Foliage-still has tender growth- no credits

Spirea local

Tweedia local




Agapanthus- import only

Allium- Import only

Amaranthus upright or hanging red or green

Artichokes- Green

Astilbe import $$$


Birds- available locally

Bouvardia - local available, no light pink only hot pink, white, red. If you need light pink go to imports


Campanula - import only

Coxcomb - Import only

Dahlias -  winter production- basic colors- limited


Eremurus- yellow and orange- import

Forget me knots




Guem Mango

Helleborus-import and local

Hyacinth local

Hydrangea Nice Colors-Import

Kangaroo paw- local and import

Lavender - English- has gotten to the point in the season where it has natural browning mixed in with the open flower. Order at your own risk. NO CREDITS

Lilac- local lav/purple (nice stuff now)

Lilac white or blush- import only

Lisianthus local- white, purple- other colors limited

Lilac white or blush –import $$$$

Lysmachia- import

Nerine- import

Passion vine- vine only

Peony - Finally USA has started, hip hip hooray!!!. As usual corals are first in, there are some hot pinks, and whites should start in about a week. Quality should be outstanding this year after all the rain and cooler weather he have had. Peony for Mother's Day will be available - ask you sales rep.

Pepperberry Hanging

Poppies Local

Ranunculus - Import will continue for a few more weeks (doubtful that they will stretch to Mother's Day) Some local growers have already finished

Ranunculus butterfly- single bloom- Japanese varieties but from local or import - (not Japan)

Riceflower pink - local

Scabiosa Pods - go Import

Snowberries - import

Statice - tissue limited, sinuata available

Sweet pea - Imports and local but not Japanese

Veronica- import

Vinburnum berries blue- import only short 5st


Some More Updates...


Little update on product from Oregon...

We continue to get rain almost daily but at least our temperatures have increased, its getting warmer, days are longer. The swallows have returned, frogs started croaking and even a few turkey buzzards have been spotted, all signs that spring is in effect.

Locally, around town, we're seeing daffodils, crocus, muscari, spanish bluebells and tulips, the first flowers to really bloom in this climate. Iris have not started to bloom, they are just breaking ground.  Spirea is starting, magnolia blooms are finishing. Dogwood and lilac are right around the corner. Blackberries are starting to leaf out and grow foliage. Blueberries are in their bloom stage, leafless and covered in little pieris-like blooms. We are a long ways away from seeing actual fruit. I expect to see bleeding hearts very soon.

Many of the trees are finishing their early bloom, like forsythia, quince and cherry, while deciduous trees are starting to show some leaves. Magnolia are done. Pieris is done.  We are a good 3 weeks behind schedule from where we were this time last year.

We can expect most commercially grown cuts to be 3-4 weeks behind schedule this year.

On the farm level, the rain slows everything down as farmers cannot till their soil yet, many fields are still flooded. Farmers are anxious to plant dahlia tubers soon. Mid April is normal time to start some seedlings. Mid may is when summer flowers get planted..so for Oregon we're months away from seeing anything in annual types of flowers.

We can rely on California for these types of flowers. For sure, we will not have peonies early, like last year, they will come after the Mother's Day holiday.

We'll keep looking and hunting for fun blooming stuff, but for sure 'we're not there yet', so stay buckled up on this car ride and things should get better.

This week I'll be sending local hellebore (gorgeous!!), local daffodils, a few flowering currant(Ribes), some blooming 'honey berry' which is a honeysuckle cousin, some dark pink tulip magnolia. Next week I can expect more hellebores and daffodils. I also have double red thornless flowering quince lined up.

On dogwood...enjoy the cut stage we have in inventory. These small buds will change quickly into cool looking green flowers. They are pretty awesome in this stage and much more practical than open cut dogwood...open cut is very difficult to handle..even though it is gorgeous when blooming, for sure. Don't underestimate the beauty of the dogwood buds..test some out..see what they do.

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