Flower 411: September 2020


Fall is just around the corner, and it's one of our favorite seasons for flowers! Here are a few of our favorite fall products, then scroll down for a more complete list! Contact your sales rep to place an order, or if you don't have a sales rep, then be sure to register and we will get you set up with one!


Also, don't forget that our Flower Library now has availability information and is a great tool to find seasonal flowers!



Copper Beach Foliage

Copper Beach Foliage





Bronze china mums

Bronze China Mums


pampas grass

Pampas Grass


Bleached White Phalaris


Gold Upright Amaranthus

Gold Upright Amaranthus








Red Fountain Grass

Red Fountain Grass


Scabiosa pods

Scabiosa Pods


chocolate cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos


chocolate queen anne's lace

Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace




Acacia Foliage - all types & colors
Acuba Green
Agapanthus - all colors
Agonis Brown
Alchemilla Mollis Robustica - Green & Yellow
Allium Bullet Purple
Alocasia Elephant Ears Green
Alstroemeria - all colors
Amaranthus Hanging - Bronze, Coral, Gold, Green, Red
Amaranthus Upright - Burgundy, Gold, Green, Red
Amaryllis Ambiance - Red & White
Anemone - all colors
Anthurium - all colors
Aralia Leaves Green & Variegated
Artichoke (Flower) Baby - Burgundy & Green
Artichoke (Flower) Large - Burgundy & Green
Asclepias - Orange & Red, Yellow
Aspidistra - all colors
Aster- all colors
Astilbe - all colors
Astrantia Rosea - all colors
Aussie Pine Green
Bamboo Stalks
Basil Green
Bay Laurel Green
Bear Grass Standard Green
Begonia Foliage Variegated
Bells of Ireland Green
Bird of Paradise Leaf Green
Bird of Paradise Orange Select
Bittersweet Green
Blueberry Foliage Green
Bouvardia - all colors
Bouvardia Double - all colors
Boxwood Green
Boxwood Oregon - Green & Variegated
Branches Tiger Wood Natural
Brunia - all colors
Buplerum Green
Calathea Leaves
Calendula Orange & Yellow
Calla Lily - all colors
Callicarpa Purple & White
Camellia Leaf Green
Campanula - all colors
Carnation - all colors
Cattail Brown
Celosia - Wheat & Feather - all colors
Chamomile - all types & colors
Chile Peppers - all colors
China Berries Green
China Mum - Red, White & Yellow
Chinese Lantern Green & Orange
Clematis - all colors
Cocculus Green
Commodore - all colors
Copper Beech - all colors
Coreopsis - Red & Yellow
Cornflower - Blue, Pink, White
Cosmos - Chocolate Brown, Pink, White
Cotinus - Burgundy & Green Foliage
Cotinus Flowering
Cotoneaster Green & Orange
Cotton On A Stick White
Coxcomb - all colors
Craspedia Billy Balls Painted - all colors
Craspedia Billy Balls Yellow
Cremons - all colors
Crocosmia Orange
Croton Leaves Variegated
Curcuma Green & Pink
Curly Willow - all colors & size
Cymbidium Green & White
Cyrtanthus - Coral, Orange & Yellow
Dahlia - all colors & sizes
Deflexus Green
Delphinium - all types & colors
Dendrobium - all colors & sizes
Diablo Ninebark Brown
Dianthus Green Ball & Trick
Dianthus Gypsy - all colors
Dill Yellow
Disbuds Aragon - Dark Purple, Magna Dark Red Select
Dracaena - Green, Red & Variegated
Dusty Miller Large & Lacey Silver
Echinacea Cone Flower Brown
Echinops - Blue & Green
Eryngium - all colors
Eucalyptus - all types
Eucalyptus Tinted - all colors & types
Eucharis Lily White
Eucomis - all colors
Eupatorium - all colors
Euphorbia - Pink & White
Fatsedera Green
Fern - all types
Flax - all colors
Flexigrass Green
Freesia - all colors
Freesia Double - all colors
Fruiting Branches Olive Green
Fuji - all types & colors
Galax Green
Gardenia Bloom 3 Bloom White
Gardenia Bloom White
Gardenia Foliage Green
Gardenia Work Flat White
Gentiana Blue
Geranium Scented - all scents & types
Gerbera - all types & colors
Ginger - all types & colors
Gladiolus - all colors
Grapevine Green
Grass Bunny Tail Green
Grass Pampas Beige
Green Mist Green
Grevillea Flowering - all colors
Gypsophila - all colors
Hala Variegated
Heather Erica Pink
Helenium Red & Yellow
Heliconia - all types & colors
Helleborus - all types & colors
Heptacodium Red
Horse Tail Green
Huckleberry Green
Hyacinth - all colors
Hydrangea - all colors
Integrafolia Green & Red
Integrafolia Tinted - all colors
Iris Yellow, Purple & Blue
Ivy - all types, sizes & colors
Jasmine Green (no flowers)
Kale - all types and colors
Kangaroo Paw Burgundy & Orange
Kochia Silver
Larkspur - all colors
Lavender Dried Lavender
Lavender English & French
Leather Green
Lei - all types & colors
Lemon/Salal Green
Lemon/Salal Tips Green
Leonotis Leonurus Orange
Leucadendron - all colors
Leucospermum (Pincushion) Orange & Yellow
Liatris Purple
Lily - all types & colors
Lily Grass Green & Variegated
Limonium - all types & colors
Liquidambar Variegated
Lisianthus - all colors
Lycopodium Green
Lysimachia White
Magnolia Green
Magnolia Tips Green
Maidenhair Fern Green
Manzanita Brown
Manzanita With Leaves Brown
Melaluca Foliage Green
Millet - all types & colors
Ming Fern
Mini Carnation - all colors
Mint Green
Monstera Leaf Green & Variegated
Moss - all types and colors
Mum Magnum White
Myerii (Foxtail Fern) Green
Myrtle Green
Nagi Foliage Green
Nandina Green
Nerine - all colors
Oak Leaf Brown & Green
Oak Leaf Painted - all colors
Oak Leaf Transparent Brown, Red, Orange & Green
Oncidium Yellow
Oregano Green & Variegated
Orlaya White
Ornithogalum - all types & colors
Palm Leaf Green - all types
Paphiopedilum - all colors
Papyrus - all types & green
Passion Vine Green
Pepperberry Red & Green
Peruvian Apple Green
Phalaenopsis Orchid Dyed - all colors
Philodendron - all types & colors
Phlox - all colors
Pieris Japonica White
Pineapple - all sizes & colors
Pittosporum - all types & colors
Plumosa Green
Plumosa Tinted - all colors
Pod Clematis White
Pod Crocosmia Brown
Pod Lotus Green
Pod Montbressia Brown
Pod Nigella Brown
Pod Poppy Green
Pod Queen Annes Brown
Pod Scabiosa Brown
Podocarpus Green
Poke Weed Green
Polygonum-Kissmeover Hot Pink
Pom - all types & colors
Pompon - all types & colors
Preserved Achillea Green & Light Pink
Preserved Ageratum Yellow
Preserved Amaranthus Upright & Hanging - all colors
Preserved Apple Tip Brown & Red
Preserved Banksia Brown
Preserved Bear Grass Champagne
Preserved Bleached Fern White
Preserved Bottle Brush White
Preserved Briza - all colors
Preserved Brunia White
Preserved Budha Brown
Preserved Bunny Tail - all colors
Preserved Calla Lily Mini Dark White
Preserved Canary Grass Pink
Preserved Cattail - all colors
Preserved Cedar Rose - all colors
Preserved Cornflower Bleached White
Preserved Cortader Arundo Brown
Preserved Eryngium - all colors
Preserved Eucalyptus - all colors
Preserved Everlasting - all colors
Preserved Feather Grass - all colors
Preserved Fern Double Brown, Green & Red
Preserved Fever Few Bleached White
Preserved Gardenia - all colors
Preserved Glixia Bleached White
Preserved Grevillea Gold
Preserved Gypsophilia White
Preserved Hydrangea - some colors
Preserved Ilex Red
Preserved Israeli & Italian Ruscus - all colors
Preserved Lagurus Brown
Preserved Lavender Herb Lavender
Preserved Leather Fern - all colors
Preserved Leucadendron - all colors
Preserved Limonium White
Preserved Liver Fruit Brown
Preserved Lotus White
Preserved Lunaria White
Preserved Lutti Fern Brown
Preserved Mini Cattail Bleached White
Preserved Nigella Bleached Light Pink & White
Preserved Olive Fern Green
Preserved Ostrich Fern Red
Preserved Palm Bleached White
Preserved Pampas Grass - all colors
Preserved Papaver Brown & Green
Preserved Papaver Pink & White
Preserved Papayrus Green
Preserved Paranomus Red
Preserved Parchment Fern Brown & Red
Preserved Penniset Brown
Preserved Penny Cress White
Preserved Phalaris - all colors
Preserved Plumosa Bleach White
Preserved Poppy Pod
Preserved Protea - all colors
Preserved Puntspira - all colors
Preserved Rattlesnake Grass - all colors
Preserved Rhodantemum Pink
Preserved Rock Fern Brown & Red
Preserved Rodan White
Preserved Sago Palm Ivory
Preserved Scotch Broom Bleached White
Preserved Setaria - all colors
Preserved Skeleton Leaves White
Preserved Sorghum Bleached White
Preserved Stipa Grass Brown & Orange
Preserved Stirilingia - all colors
Preserved Sword Fern Green & Red
Preserved Tin Tin Bronze & White
Preserved Triticum Pink - White
Preserved Troll Grass - all colors
Preserved Umbrella Fern Bleached White
Preserved Wheat - all colors
Preserved Wild Lily Red
Preserved Wood Bloom Brown
Preserved Woodrose Gold & White
Preserved Woody Pear Brown
Preserved Yarrow - all colors
Privet Berry Black & Green
Protea - all types & colors
Pumpkins - all kinds
Pyracantha Red
Queen Anne's Lace - Chocoalte & White
Ranunculus - all colors
Ranunculus Butterfly - all colors
Ranunculus Clooney - all colors
Ranunculus Hybrid - all colors
Riceflower Light Pink & White
Rose - all types & colors
Rose Hips - all colors
Rosemary Green
Rover Regular Bronze & Red
Ruscus Israeli Glitter - all colors
Ruscus Italian Green
Ruscus Italian Painted - all colors
Safflower Orange & Yellow
Sage Silver, Green & Purple
Sandersonia Orange
Scabiosa - all colors
Scabiosa Scoop - all colors
Sedum - all colors
Smilax Green
Smilax Southern Green
Snapdragon - all colors
Solidago - all types and colors
Solidago Tinted - all colors
Solidaster Yellow
Song Of India Variegated
Sorghum Black
Spray Rose - all types & colors
Springerii Green
Squill White
Stachys Silver
Statice - all types & colors
Steel Grass Green
Stephanotis 25 Bloom White
Stock - all colors
Succulents - all types & colors
Sunflowers - all types & colors
Sweet Pea - all colors
Sweet William - all colors
Sword Fern Sword Fern Green
Thlaspi (Penny Cress) Green Bell Green
Thryptomene Calycina Pink & White
Thyme Green
Ti Leaf Large - all colors
Tillandsia Green & Silver
Trachelium - all colors
Tree Fern Green
Tricyrtis (Toad Lily) Pink/White & Purple
Tuberose White
Tulip - all colors
Tulip Double - all colors
Tweedia Blue & White
Umbrella Fern Green
Vanda Orchid - all colors
Veronica - all colors
Viburnum Berries Green, Blue & Red
Viburnum Snowball 2/4 heads Green
Wax Flower - all colors
Wheat Dried Black & Natural
Wheat Green
Yarrow Cottage - all colors
Yarrow Yellow

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