Inspiration to Fruition: Supplementing Orders with Mood Boards

Inspiration to Fruition: Supplementing Orders with Mood Boards


As we all adjust to some of the new product availability issues that we're currently faced with, we want to share some ways our customers & sales reps have been collaborating on orders. We're in a time where flexibility and trust are key, and giving your sales rep the leeway to find subs for flowers not readily available.


Most of you are familiar with our Mayesh Pulls, so some of our Sales Reps have been encouraging customers to do a combination of traditional ordering & Pulls!


So what does that look like?

You can send over your normal product list & quantities, but also provide a Mood Board & color palette that your Sales Rep can work off of to create a beautiful & cohesive order, and give them the ability to pull subs & make decisions where necessary.

But don't worry - no order will ever be completed until you've signed off & given final approval. This method has proven very successful & removed much of the stress off of both parties! And bonus, you may even be introduced to some flowers you didn't even realize existed!


Here is an example of how it can work, and we will continue to share real-life collaborative orders between our reps & customers. Let your sales rep know if you're interested in trying this out!






Mayesh-Pull-Mood-Board (1)






Pull by Charity | Mayesh Houston



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