Japanese Flower Farming: Introduction

Japanese Flower Farming: Introduction

As part of our Japanese Flower Festival, we are excited to bring to you information about the farms so that you can learn a bit more about where these blooms come from, who grows them, what the growing process is like, and what makes the flowers special. There are too many farms and flowers to cover in our blog, but we worked with our Japanese partners, Naniwa, to bring you information on Cymbidiums, Gloriosa, Lisianthus, Ranunculus, Spirea Cantoniensis, and Sweet Pea.

Overall, there are more than 3000 farms in Japan as a whole, and each region has an organization such as JA (Japan Agriculture) for gathering and distributing the products. There are large and small JAs - they handle not only flowers but also agricultural products. JAs are responsible for ensuring smooth delivery to each market and the consumers. Large flower producers also supply & ship individually, but the main method is to go through JAs.

Each farm has anywhere between 1 and 60 workers and is located in many different areas of Japan. Click the links below to learn more, see pictures, and a few videos.  


Spirea Cantoniensis
Sweet Pea





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