Mayesh's Japanese Flower Festival

Japanese Flower Festival: Recap

Our Japanese Flower Festival took place this past Tuesday and boy, what a day! I received such incredible feedback about this event and the...
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Japanese Flower Farming: Introduction

As part of our Japanese Flower Festival, we are excited to bring to you information about the farms so that you can learn a bit more about where...
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Japanese Flowers: Ranunculus

  Ranunculus - no matter where it hails from it is a florist favorite. But Japanese Ranunculus are even more popular due to their extra-large head...
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Japanese Flowers: Cymbidiums

Did you know that Japanese Cymbidiums can take 3 to 4 years to bloom? Wow! Learn more about these beautiful orchids by scrolling down. This...
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Japanese Flowers: Sweet Pea

Did you know that Sweet Peas grow on a vine that can become 20 to 25 feet long? This means that one tiny seed can produce about 30 stems of cut...
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Japanese Flowers: Gloriosa

Gloriosa is a dazzeling flower. One grower in Japan, JA Misato Kochi, produces three million stems a year across their 32 farms! Learn more about...
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