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Did you know that Japanese Cymbidiums can take 3 to 4 years to bloom? Wow! Learn more about these beautiful orchids by scrolling down. This product highlight includes a video as well!


Who are the growers?  

Growers: JA Donari, Tokushima Orchid Union, JA Tokushima 

Mainly 5 Jas in Tokushima pref and 15-20 individual farms. 


Where they are located?  

Tokushima Pref, located in the east of Shikoku. 

Annual precipitation in the north of Tokushima ending in the Yoshino River and the Sanuki Mountains is relatively little as it is less than 1,500 mm. This area belongs to the warm and dry “Seto Inland Sea Climate”. 


How many people work at the farm/grower?   

1 farm: 2-4 workers, peak time (winter) 10 workers 



Relatively warm climate (in winter, 10-15 degrees Celsius ) 


What do they grow?  

Cymbidium, Epidendrum, Phalaenopsis orchid 


What is the process of growing?  

Plant small cultured strains in pots and gradually replant them in larger pots as they grow larger. It takes 3-4 years for the flowers to bloom. In Japan, Dec is the peak of the demand for New Year's flowers, so we are making efforts to make Cymbidium blooms in the period from November to December. Originally Cymbidium blooms in the period Jan to Mar. 

“Mountain climbing” is one of the most important processes. 

When the plant is small, the flower buds die due to the extremely hot summer. To prevent this, move to a house (without vinyl) on the mountaintop at an altitude of 1000-1200m from July to September, and keep it in a cool place to avoid the heat. In the meantime, take care of water and fertilizer to prevent the flower buds from being eaten by the beast. 

“Mountain down” 

When the typhoon season from summer to autumn is over, the temperature on the mountain will drop below 10 ℃, so we will put vinyl on the flat house and lower the mountain. Carefully carry the grown flower buds one by one to the flat house so as not to break them. 

During the winter, the temperature is adjusted by heating and the flowers are shipped in order from the one that blooms. If the grown flower buds bloom naturally, the stem will hang down or bend, so put up a support on one flower bud and fix it at about 3-5 points to fix it so that it grows straight. Although it is a very laborious task, it is an essential task for producing flowers with a solid shaft. 


What makes this farm unique?  

“Mountain climbing” 

“Mountain down” 

Period until flowering (3-5 years) 



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