Live Chat: Streamlining your Proposal Process w/ Cristina Barragan

Live Chat: Streamlining your Proposal Process w/ Cristina Barragan

Join in to learn how to cut your client management time in half through the use of templates and automation features using systems like HoneyBook. Cristina Barragan of Posh Peony, will walk you through her streamlined process from lead capture to completion! You will learn how to save time, create beautiful proposals that convert, and maintain an elevated client experience from the get-go!

If you are interested in learning more about the available apps for florists, check out our comparison blog post here.


Now let's get to know a little bit more about our guest host, Cristina!



I'm Cristina Barragan, Owner and Chief Creative Officer at Posh Peony and I have always had a love and passion for all things floral and design. In 2005, I started teaching elementary education and at the same time, launched my full-time floral business. It was a balancing act, to say the least! Over the years, I have built my business from the ground up with no formal training or education. It was all a learning curve that I have been able to streamline over the years. I have been able to grow and scale my business which has allowed me to pursue my love of teaching in the event industry. Today, we are a boutique style studio that provides full-service design and educational workshops at a local and international level. Being able to serve my clients well, teach aspiring business owners, and promote community in the event industry is the greatest joy! 




February 21st at 5PM EST / 2PM PST


The live video chat will take place on Huzza. All you need to do is just click, listen, chat, and ask questions! And if you feel like it, share a selfie with us. Click the link below to follow & subscribe and Huzza will send you a reminder 30 minutes prior to our live chat.



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