Local Spring Flowers & Update on Greens

Local Spring Flowers & Update on Greens

With so many recent product challenges due to weather, logistics, and the pandemic, we wanted to share some readily available gorgeous local spring products coming out of California, Oregon & Washington! 


Lilac Lavender & Purple




Lily of the Valley

Wide range of Tulips (cost saving)


Local Roses

Veronica (all colors)

Gerbera & Minis (all colors)

Cosmos White

Queen Anne's Lace White & Chocolate

Chamomile (all kinds)

Jasmine Vine (no flowers)

Godetia (all colors)

Cornflower (all colors)

*Note: chocolate cornflower is a good sub for chocolate cosmos which is limited right now


Delph (dark blue)

Giant Allium


Local Spring Flowers (1)


On another product-related note, we did want to mention that we are currently gapping on several types of greens - boxwood, camellia, seeded euc, and privet berries to name a few. While spring brings us new growth, varieties, and styles, this new growth can be a challenge design-wise. They begin to produce an entirely new crop of leaves that is immature & soft. Over time they will grow into sturdy, reliable leaves, but they aren't yet stable enough to go in coolers for the time being, and we must wait for them to "harden up."


That being said, we have many other wonderful greens and fillers available that you can use as alternatives until the gapping greens are ready for you! Here are some local California greens readily available that you can use as alternatives:


Bay leaf
Olive foliage  
Pittosporum - green & varigated
Ivy tree green
Israeli ruscus
Willow euc
African boxwood
Cup seeded euc - the seeds are from last year, and they are blown out where the blooms were so they look like little cups
Baby blue euc - starting to come back in better numbers
Gunni euc - coming back at the moment, but the tips are still a little tender
And don't forget to check out the greens & fillers we have available on to online on Mayesh Market!
What other greens do you love to use as subs for seeded euc, boxwood, and other gapping items? Let us know in the comments!


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