Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Day 2024

Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Day 2024

Get ready to spread smiles and brighten up someone's day because Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day is back! Mayesh is thrilled to announce the continuation of the floral initiative, taking place on Wednesday, June 26th. This special event aims to unite florists across the country in a heartwarming mission to share the joy and beauty of flowers with unsuspecting recipients.

What is Lonely Bouquet Day?

Lonely Bouquet Day is a global movement that encourages people to create small bouquets, attach a tag with a thoughtful message, and leave them in public spaces for others to find and keep. This simple act of kindness has the power to transform someone's day, spreading happiness and positivity throughout communities.

How to Participate:

Participating in Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day is easy and rewarding. Here's how you can get involved:

1. Design a beautiful bouquet using the provided flowers & foliages at your local Mayesh
2. Attach a Lonely Bouquet tag & a business card if desired!
3. Leave your bouquet in a public space, such as a park bench, a bus stop, or even on the doorstep of a neighbor.
4. Share a photo of your bouquet on social media using the hashtag #MayeshLonelyBouquet and tag us @MayeshWholesale.


The impact of Lonely Bouquet Day extends far beyond the individuals who find the bouquets. This initiative fosters a sense of community, reminding us of the power of small gestures and the importance of spreading kindness. By participating in Mayesh Lonely Bouquet Design Day, florists have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others and inspire a ripple effect of generosity.



The Fine Print:
  • Mayesh will provide an array of flowers free of charge to design your Lonely Bouquet on June 26, 2024 during branch hours.
  • Local Customers must come to their Mayesh location to design their bouquets.
  • Shipping Customers - please let your Mayesh rep know that you are interested in participating and they can pull together some blooms to ship with your order. We recommend you ship an order ahead of time. Please work with your sales rep on the details; participants assume freight costs.
  • Shipping customers must submit a photo of their completed Lonely Bouquet to
  • Participants must be current customers of Mayesh & in good standing.
  • Besides Mayesh flowers, designs may contain any other accessories and use any container, as long as it is provided by the designer.
  • Submitted photos become the property of Mayesh Wholesale and may be used for promotion and publicity.




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