Want to be a 2024 Design Star?

Want to be a 2024 Design Star?

Are you ready to showcase your creative talents and become one of our next Mayesh Design Stars? Well, the wait is over! We are thrilled to announce that the application for our highly anticipated 2024 Design Star series is now open. This is your opportunity to shine and share your passion for floral design with our community!

At Mayesh, we are committed to delivering fresh and exciting content to our audience year after year, and this year is no different. We have carefully selected four categories that showcase the diverse styles and perspectives of florists across the board - from retail to weddings, and corporate to lifestyle design, there will be something for everyone to learn from!

While sustainability may not be the central theme of next year's series, we remain committed to promoting eco-friendly practices and educating our customers on sustainable mechanics. We believe that every floral designer has a role to play in preserving our planet, and we encourage our Design Stars to incorporate sustainable techniques in their videos.

If you're ready to step into the spotlight and share your passion with our community, we invite you to click the link below. You will find all the details you need regarding the application process, expectations, and the categories you can apply for. Don't miss this chance to join the Design Star family!




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