Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Amanda Bowman

Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Amanda Bowman

Happy July! Can you believe we're over halfway through 2021?! So far this year you've been introduced and wowed by three Mayesh Desiegn Stars, and now it's time to announce our fourth designer!

For a quick reminder on this year's format, check out this blog first...


And without further ado, we give you...




We're takin' it down south, y'all! Amanda Bowman of Amanda Bee's Floral Design is located in Houston, TX and a Mayesh Houston OG client! Amanda is an absolute bright light with an infectious energy about her, and is not afraid of bold, funky colors and combinations. Most of our previous Design Stars & their videos have focused on wedding & event florals, but Amanda will be switching things up and discussing the retail side of the industry. 

So if you're new to retail or after the pandemic you've decided to expand and start offering daily flowers, Amanda will show you her simple & efficient business strategy to help you get that money, honey! 


You'll get to know more about Amanda over the next two months, but let's hear a little bit about her from the designer herself:



Hey y’all, I’m Amanda Bowman of Amanda Bee’s Floral Design, and flowers have always made me happy. As a little girl, I would love going to the nursery with my dad to pick out flowers for our garden. It never occurred to me to pursue flowers as a career until I was halfway through a degree I had no interest in pursuing at A&M. In a business calculus class, I heard a girl enthusiastically discussing her horticulture major and designing her friend’s wedding flowers. In that moment, I flashed back to the happy memories with my dad and knew I wanted to be a floral designer. Like Elle Woods, I found my passion, my career by accident.

I don’t think anyone ends up in the floral industry in a normal, straightforward path, which is one of the many things I love about it. Our experiences shape our unique styles. Personally, my creative process is inspired by nature. A country girl at heart, I feel so at home when I’m surrounded by nature’s beauty. Allowing botanicals to be organically beautiful is at the heart of my style.
In March of this year, I took a leap and opened a storefront. I want to create a unique flower space for people to stop in and pick up a posey, brainstorm arrangements and installations for events, shop the local artisanal products I’ve curated, have a laugh, and mostly take a moment to stop and smell the flowers. My shop is filled with gorgeous things, drawing equally gorgeous people. Having a storefront enables me to build relationships with the people I design for. Whether it’s a bride, a mom-to-be, or someone who wanders in off the street, I get to know them and create flowers to compliment their special moments.

I love flowers. I love the people I work with. I love creating. I love my job.




Amanda Bowman Design Work

Left photo: @ten23photography


Amanda Bowman Design Work  (2)


Amanda Bowman Design Work  (6)


Amanda Bowman Design Work  (5)


Amanda Bowman Design Work  (3)


Amanda Bowman Design Work  (4)




Coming up next week... Amanda's first design video. We hope you enjoy getting to know this amazing designer over the next couple of months!



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