Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Drew Rios

Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Drew Rios

Happy New Year! We kind of can't believe it's already January 2021, but we couldn't be more excited to kick off our 2021 Mayesh Design Star series!

If you haven't yet heard about what we're doing this year, make sure to read this blog first, but once you've done that, run (don't walk!) back over here to check out our first featured designer.

So, without further ado, we give you...


MDS-Featured-Designer (3)


You may recognize Drew from her interview with Val back in June, as she was also our first guest on Beautiful People of the Flower Industry! Once we saw her interview and after she joined Yvonne on Mornings with Mayesh to talk about pivoting during COVID, we just KNEW we had to share more of this LA-based designer with the world. As you'll quickly learn in her videos, Drew has an infectious energy and magnetic personality. She radiates confidence and realness, and her bold designs are a direct reflection of herself. Seriously - she's like the Queen of floral backdrops. Don't believe us? Check out the photos below.


You'll get to know more about Drew over the next two months, but let's hear a little bit about Drew from the designer herself:



I've been a designer in Los Angeles for over 10 years , emphasizing the passion of creating out-of-the-box designs that defy gravity and boundaries. I grew up watching my father shape bonsai trees, so the love of florals and plant life was instilled at an early age. Like most rebellious children, though, I rebelled against my artistic early beginnings and went to nursing school to become a nurse. And of course, my artistic roots yanked me right back. I started Rogue&Fox Floral Co to inspire and satisfy my need to create art that speaks to people and tells a unique story. I'm an envelope pusher. A boundary breaker. A wife. A mother. But most importantly, I'm just Drew. 



Drew Rios

Left photo: @katherineannrose


Drew Rios 1

Left photo: @amandavanvels | Right photo: @thebelovedphoto


Drew Rios Design Work

Left photo: @alexandriamonette | Right photo: @the_hendrys



So stay tuned next week when we post our first Mayesh Design Star video of 2021. And because she's Drew and she's amazing, she's also put together some bonus behind-the-scenes content to show you how she collaborates with her Mayesh Sales Reps to pull off her designs & events. Spoiler alert: you may or may not be able to create your own insane backdrop like the ones pictured after Drew hits your screens.


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