Mayesh Design Star: Heather Sardela

Mayesh Design Star: Heather Sardela

After an incredible start to our 2023 Sustainability-focused Design Star series with Sue McLeary, we are excited to announce our next designer! So without further ado, we give you...




Heather Sardela of Blossom & Bone Florals is a North Carolina-based retail & wedding florist who keeps sustainability at the forefront of her designs & business practices. She received her BA in Sustainability from UNC a little over ten years ago but has only been a florist for five. Heather started her floral journey in Chicago and really started to explore the sustainable aspect of the industry when she started her own business in Durham in 2019.

For Heather, sustainability goes beyond just the environmental aspect, but people (consumers, employees, growers, and owners) as well. Blossom & Bone strives toward sourcing local flowers during the NC growing season, reducing traditional florist materials that are harmful to the environment, avoiding single-use plastics, and so much more. On top of these practices & focusing on employees' benefits & mental health, Blossom & Bone also donates 5% of proceeds from every wedding to a local charity of the couple’s choosing to help provide further economic support to their community. In 2021, they were able to donate over $2,000 in direct aid and plan to exceed that in years to come! 

Now THAT is a well-rounded, sustainably minded business if you ask us! To expand on that, we have a few questions for Heather below!




What is your philosophy towards sustainability within our industry?

Firstly, I believe sustainability is multi-faceted and goes beyond just taking care of the environment; it also encompasses taking care of people. 

Secondly, I think there can sometimes be a notion that sustainable floristry must be approached in an all-or-nothing manner, and while that would be awesome, the reality of it can be challenging if you haven't explored sustainable floristry before. It's essential for florists interested in sustainability, but uncertain of where to start, to understand that it doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing venture right from the start. You can take small steps and make adjustments in your practice to become more sustainable—what's most important is that you're taking the action.

I truly believe that florists who incorporate sustainable adjustments into their practices now will find it easier to adapt to the new normal as our climate shifts, and as the world and industry change.


Where do you hope to see the industry in the next 5 years?

I would like to see the floral industry become more eco-centric by eradicating plastic sleeves, promoting the use of seasonal flowers by designers, and floral foam banned altogether. I would also love to see the spray paint and bleach trend die out, as well as an increase in the amount of florists who are paid a living wage!



Mayesh Design Star Heather Sardela

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Stay tuned for Heather's first video! 


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