Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Tyson Lee

Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Tyson Lee

We can't believe we're ready to introduce our SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER Mayesh Design Star... where has the year gone?! You've been loving the first four designers we've featured this year, and we're so excited to introduce our next Mayesh Design Star, coming to you from San Francisco, CA.

For a quick reminder on this year's format, check out this blog first...


And without further ado, we give you...




Let's give it up for Tyson Lee of Mister Lee Designs! Tyson came on our radar when Mayesh acquired Brannan St. Wholesale and he began tagging us in all of his designs, and we fell in love with his unique style - every design different than the next. Tyson has an impressive creative background that led to his love of florals, and is a true floral artist & sculptor.



Tyson Lee is owner and founder of Mister Lee Designs, a floral design company based in San Francisco, California. As a self-taught florist, he approaches floral design with a sculptural aesthetic using flowers as his medium. He strives to not only bring beauty to his creations, but to make the viewer step back and imagine.

With a background in visual merchandising in luxury fashion, interior design, and styling, Tyson uses his past experience in his design aesthetics. Living in San Francisco most of his life, he draws inspiration from the nature that surrounds the city and the vibrant people of the city. He strives to bring light to his Asian community as a Taiwanese American as well as his LGBTQ community in his design and work. 




Mister Lee Designs2

Mister Lee Designs4

Mister Lee Designs3

Mister Lee Designs

Mister Lee Designs5

Mister Lee Designs6

Mister Lee Designs7

Mister Lee Designs8




Stay tuned for Tyson's first design video! We hope you enjoy getting to know this amazing designer over the next couple of months.



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