Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Tobore Oweh

Mayesh Design Star Featured Designer: Tobore Oweh

We can't quite believe that we are introducing you to our second-to-last designer of 2022! Where did the year go?! Due to some technical difficulties we are a bit behind scheduled, but better late than never, right?!


Without further ado, we give you...


MDS-Featured-Designer-Tobore Oweh


We're so excited to introduce Tobore Oweh of The Petal Effect in Los Angeles, CA. If you've had the pleasure of meeting or working with Tobore, you know she is an absolute bright light that radiates good energy and kindness, and she's one of those designers whose flowers reflect her personality to a T. Her style is bright, colorful, unique and full of life, and we're so excited to share her with you all!

Before we get started, let's hear a bit more about Tobore from the designer herself!



I am a creative entrepreneur born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I migrated to America when I was seven years old with my family. We settled in Maryland, where I graduated high school in 2006 at the age of 15. Determined to become an interior designer, I started looking to apply to colleges but quickly realized that I wouldn't be attending college due to my undocumented status. Being undocumented meant I didn't have any legal status, and therefore could not receive financial aid. I worked a few years finding odd jobs & ways to make money despite my status, but my heart was in design.

In 2011, I began to research other forms of design that didn't require a college degree, quickly discovering floral & event design. With a determination to achieve my design dreams, I ventured out into the industry; freelancing for anyone that would allow me. Later on that year, I created my company name, The Petal Effect. I didn't know exactly how I would do it but I was set on having my own floral & design company. After many years of living on the East Coast, working in floral retail shops to freelancing with floral event companies, I decided to live outside of my comfort zone and move to LA in 2017. I was able to find a floral job and worked full time until the pandemic of 2020. I was at a crossroads of staying at my current job with reduced hours or taking a leap of faith and finally committing to my business full-time.

I became a small business owner because floral design was a passion I developed at a time when I felt hopeless because of my undocumented status. It brought purpose back into my life. It was a dream I had in my heart for over 11 years and I was finally seeing it come alive. I also wanted to shed light on the complexities of being an undocumented black woman. I am hoping to inspire my community to use their obstacles as a weapon to conquer the world because no human being is illegal and everyone deserves a chance at a better life.





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Mayesh Design Star Tobore Oweh

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Stay tuned for Tobore's first video! We hope you enjoy getting to know this amazing designer over the next couple of months.



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