Mayesh Design Star: Creating your Retail Brand

Mayesh Design Star: Creating your Retail Brand

In her first video, Angelina Prikhodko, owner of FLEUR Studio, kicks off our Retail series with an in-depth discussion on creating your retail brand & identity. Angelina is a firm believer that branding is a vital part of building your business, and discovering your unique identity allows you to set yourself apart from competitors, attract the customers you want, and delve deeper into your creative processes. 

So settle in & get ready to dive into Angelina's video below, and don't forget to scroll down afterwards to access some of the resources she references! From her customer questionnaires to her convenient weekly Mayesh standing order, we're here to simplify your life!






Customer & Branding Resources

Sample Online Customer Intake Form

Brand Checklist & Questionnaire

Customer Experience Checklist

Ordering Resources

Flower Selection Checklist

Fleur's Mayesh Standing Order

Prebook Example #1

Prebook Example #2

Prebook Example #3



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Host & Designer: Angelina Prikhodko | FLEUR Studio



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