Mayesh Design Star: Metal Stand Centerpiece



With autumn upon us, Shean Strong demonstrates how he designs an asymmetrical large scale flower installation on a metal stand with a lovely unconventional October color palette. Utilizing many different floral products, he provides tips on creating “dexture” – depth and texture - while working with color, light, and shadows. Perfect for weddings and events, you can add this type of design on top of a table for a dramatic centerpiece or use it as a statement piece by an entryway.

After watching the design tutorial video below, be sure to keep on scrolling to view all of the detailed images captured of Shean's design - perfect for pinning to your boards!



Amaranthus Hanging Coral
Rain Tree Pods (dried)
Pampas Grass (dried)
Hydrangea Pee Gee (dried)
Anthurium Cognac
Queen Anne’s Lace Chocolate
Bittersweet Vine Green
Amaranthus Upright Red
Sheet Moss




Host: Shean Strong - Shean Strong

Videographer: Justin Peay Productions

Photographer: Shauna Veasey Photography 

Venue Sponsor: Summerour Studio


Fall flowers in a muted color palette

Anthurium Cognac from Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Hydrangea Pee Gee (dried)

Rain Tree Pods (dried) from Mayesh Wholesale Florist

florist tools - snips, zip ties, and caged Oasis

securing oasis to floral stand using zip ties

Shean Strong, Mayesh Design Star

designing an autumn metal stand centerpiece

designing a fall metal stand centerpiece

chocolate queen's anne lace and Rain Tree Pods (dried)

Amaranthus Upright Red

designing a fall metal stand centerpiece

metal stand floral centerpiece for weddings and events

metal stand floral centerpiece for weddings and events by Shean Strong

metal stand floral centerpiece for weddings and events

Shean Strong and Thick As Thieves


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