Mayesh Design Star: Navigating the Holidays in Retail

Mayesh Design Star: Navigating the Holidays in Retail

Get an inside look at Abby's retail shop during the busy holiday season! In her final Design Star tutorial, Abby shares her expert tips and tricks for a successful holiday season. From strategic ordering using our Mayesh Pulls to coming up with set offerings with specific markups, she's got you covered. Don't miss out on these invaluable insights that will not only streamline your business, but also enhance the shopping experience for your customers. Let's dive right in and uncover the secrets to a successful holiday season!





Accent Decor vessels in three sizes

Chicken Wire

Florist Tape



Amaretto Antique Pink Rose

Rain Tree Pods

Red Nandina

Gypsy Salmon Dianthus

Alissa Light Peach Lisianthus

Celosia Wheat Salmon

Peach Stock

Cognac Brown Anthurium

Veronica Disbud Chrysanthemum - Salmon

Coral Dahlia

Caramel Antique Pink Fancy Carnation

Masquerade Mini Carnation - Beige

Sunset & Peach Spray Roses

Miyabi Garden Roses

Coral Hanging Amaranthus

Apricot Peach Hyacinth

Tequila Sunrise Daisy Pompon

Peach Ranunculus

Coral Peonies

Peach Cottage Yarrow

Musa Butterfly Ranunculus


Noble Fir



abby arrangements







Host & Designer: Abby Chick

Videographer: J. Ellis Photography


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