Mayesh Design Star: Sustainable Sympathy Spray

Mayesh Design Star: Sustainable Sympathy Spray

In her second Design Star tutorial, Abby Chick takes on the important topic of sustainability within the Sympathy realm. She shows us how to create a traditional sympathy spray using modern and sustainable mechanics. This innovative approach not only adds a fresh twist to a classic design but also reduces the environmental impact of sympathy floral arrangements. 

Let's get to it! Keep scrolling for the video, instructions, materials list, and stem counts of the flowers used in this sympathy piece. Stay tuned for an exciting new video coming soon where we continue to share Abby's sustainable floral design practices.



Abby starts by using a wire frame as the foundation for the arrangement, ensuring stability and longevity. Instead of traditional floral foam, she opts for bricks of Fibrefloral media, which are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. This choice not only supports sustainability but also allows for easier disposal or composting after the funeral service.

Abby then selects a beautiful array of fresh flowers for the sympathy spray, carefully considering their stem counts, color palette, and how to maximize each individual flower. She discusses the importance of placement. depth, and balance, and reminds us that just because it is a funeral spray, the design can still be whimsical, vibrant, and truly celebrate the person's life.



Wire frame

2 palm leaf trays

waxed hemp twine

2 bricks of FibreFloral media



8 Peach Stock

4 White Mini Carnations

3 Blush Butterfly Ranunculus Ariadne

5 Pearl Acacia Silver

5 Sahara spray roses

8 Peach Appletea Carnations

9 Kahala Roses

4 White Gomphrena

1 bunch leatherleaf

6 huckleberry

5 Peach Alstroemeria

4 Cream Stock

 Linette Mums

5 Peach Cushions Veronica Salmon



AbbyChick (3)

AbbyChick (2)

AbbyChick (1)



Host & Designer: Abby Chick

Videographer: J. Ellis Photography


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