Mornings with Mayesh: CeCe Todd & Table Wars

Mornings with Mayesh: CeCe Todd & Table Wars

CeCe Todd joined me to chat about her experience on HGTV's upcoming competition show that airs today, Sunday November 14th at 8 pm EST, TABLE WARS, starring Martha Stewart, Chris Hessney, and Tia Mowry! Get the inside scoop about the show - like what’s it like to work with THE Martha Stewart and her favorite moments - along with a few tablescape design tips!

Below is the podcast, video reply, pictures, and show notes:



  • Table Wars is premiering this Sunday, November 14th at 8pm EST - can you tell us about the premise of this new show for those who may not know?

  • What was it like to work on a show with Martha Stewart?

  • What was it like to film a show during the pandemic?
  • What's your favorite memory from the show?

  • How do you think watching Table Wars will help the floral industry?

  • What was your biggest takeaway from being on the show as a floral designer?

  • Do you feel like being on Table Wars was an accurate reflection of our event industry?

  • So all of this talk about the show … what are your top tips for designing a stunning tablescape?
    • Facebook & Instagram

    • Know your proper place settings & how to do a proper linen fold - knowing all of the little details will help elevate your design
    • Interactive designs that guests can get involved in
    • Make sure that your tablescape really matches your event
    • Process you
    • Table Wars After Show with CeCe
  • Any other exciting things you have coming up?





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