Mornings with Mayesh: The Wild Mother & #SendFlowersToGreenwood

Mornings with Mayesh: The Wild Mother & #SendFlowersToGreenwood

Lauren Palmer of The Wild Mother joined us to chat about their "Art is Medicine" project #SendFlowersToGreenwood. Learn more about how they are working with The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission to send flowers to Greenwood both virtually with participants creating art to share on social media and physically by providing large-scale floral installations and bouquets for descendants of massacre victims during commemorative ceremonies this month. Their work is truly inspiring!

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The Wild Mother #SendFlowersTo

  • When you talked with Val almost a year ago on our Beautiful People series, you spoke about how the pandemic really forced you to press pause on your business and take time to go inward and reflect. Do you think that played a role or allowed you the time to grow this idea and movement?
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma - where the Greenwood Massacre took place 100 years ago - is less than two hours from where you live - so this is very close to home for you in more ways than one. Even though this is a national movement, what has your experience been with your community? Have you had a lot of local support?

  • Once the physical event has passed, what is your hope for the #sendflowersto movement? Do you see it continuing on in other ways?

  • Flowers are so healing, and we love the idea you’ve put forth that “Art is Medicine.” Can you talk about that a bit more?'

The Wild Mother #SendFlowersToGreenwood

The Wild Mother #SendFlowersToGreenwood


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    All photos of TWM team and Studio were taken by Rachel Maucieri.

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