Mornings with Mayesh: Tyson Lee on Floral Wigs, Sustainability & More

Tyson Lee of Mr. Lee Designs on Mornings with Mayesh


Our newest Mayesh Design Star, Tyson Lee of Mister Lee Designs, is Yvonne's very special guest! They sat down to chat about his first tutorial video featuring a floral wig, the story behind that wig design, sustainability, and, of course, answered audience questions. 






  • I love having firsts and your design video is a first for us because you did a tutorial on how to create a floral wig. Can you tell me how you first came up with this design concept?

  • I don’t see too many everyday people walking in and asking for flower wigs. What are some uses for this type of design?
    • engagement/wedding/maternity shoots, editorial shoots, performance

  • What would you charge for a design like this?

  • I know you create so much more than flower wigs - what are your favorite types of designs?
    • "I am a sculptor of dying things"

  • I know you are in San Francisco so that flower supply issues are probably a bit different for you than the rest of the country, but I’m sure you are still feeling its effects. How are you handling the demand vs. supply issues?
    • "as a florist, you have to adapt all of the time"

  • Do you have a favorite color palette right now?

  • Do you have favorite types of flowers to work with?

  • As we all know our industry isn’t the most eco-friendly. How do you incorporate sustainability into your business & design?

  • Audience Question: How do you land hotel and/or private custom accounts? Corporate too? I would love to create with that freedom.



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