Mornings with Mayesh: Photography & Videography

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Nicole Clarey of Nicole Clarey Photography and Logan Martin of Good Notion joined Yvonne to chat about visual storytelling using photography and videography! With the digitization of business, photos and videos have become even more important. Learn how to improve shooting your own, when you should hire a pro & more! Keep on scrolling for the show notes and the links that were mentioned.






  • Before we get started I wanted to share with you. I had already reached out to Nicole & Logan about doing this show and as I was getting my steps in for the day, I decided to listen to Gary Vee’s podcast. The particular episode was called “Where Is Consumer Attention Going Right Now” and it is probably one of my favorite recent episodes. Anyhow, his first guest was Kevin O’Leary, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank and he had a great viewpoint that I wanted to share with you to frame the importance of what we are going to talk about today. He said and I’m am heavily paraphrasing:
    • “This is the digitization of America … now, I’m hiring storywriters, videographers, photographers, and editors. I’m hiring people all around the world because all of my companies are telling stories on their websites. We have empowered a whole generation of artists who are doing phenomenally well that I would have never guessed. Storytelling, direct communications, with your customer, compelling them to watch that 20-40 second video that communicates what your product or service is, is what successful companies are doing. And we are spending millions of dollars doing this digital pivot.”
    • Listen to the entire episode here: 





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