Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

By Val McNichols

Pantone has released their color for 2024, and us floral folks could not be happier! There is finally a plethora of peach flowers to pick from throughout the entire year as opposed to some of the trickier colors from past years. Pantone selects colors that trend through fashion, decor, and graphic & multimedia design. Peach Fuzz is a gentle color combination of pink and orange, so as a floral designer, creating a design featuring peach and pairing it with shades of pink and orange makes me scream in delight.

In past years, I’ve voiced my opinions on how and why I thought Pantone selected the colors they did. This year I’m embracing, without criticism, the coziness and tranquil feeling Peach Fuzz gives me.

We did a poll on Mayesh Wholesale’s Instagram a few weeks back asking followers what their wishes were for the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year, and with over 750 likes, 268 comments, and 256 votes, the results were surprising, to say the least! 50% of you wanted to see a lucky shade of green. Coming in second was peach, including hues of coral and orange, at 14.6%, shades of blue came in at 11.7%, while pink was only 7%. One would think with all the hype over the “Barbie” movie hitting us this summer that that percentage would be higher. Only 4.6% of you wanted some kind of yellow, while 3.9% (including myself) wanted a brown or earth-tone hue. Sharing the same percentage as brown, the purple/lavender shades came in 6th place. Red and black were both at 2.3% votes overall. Well, fingers crossed for green next year! 



I asked Gilberto Freihoff the Creative Director of Dogwood & Fir, and one of my closest friends, to create a Pantone Peach Fuzz style design and of course, he understood the assignment! He used David Austin Juliet roses as his focal, along with apple tea carnations paired with blush peonies, coral ranunculus, pink snaps, light pink sweet peas, and snowflake poms. This design definitely gives me all the warm and fuzzy feelings!



peach fuzz dogwood & fir



Dawn Weisberg of Tularosa also shared with me her favorite Pantone Peach Fuzz wedding she did last year. What more could a bride ask for other than a big bowl exploding with peach sweet peas?!



peach fuzz tularosa


Favorite Peach Blooms


Peach Strawflower | Peach Novia Carnations | Alyssa Lisianthus | Bella Epoque Tulips | Peach Bearded Iris

Pastel Elegance Peony | Madame Butterfly Snapdragons | Sparkle Anthurium


Masquerade Dianthus | Linette Chrysanthemums | Caramel Antique Carnations | Coral Charm Peony | Peach Hollyhock | Peach Eremurus

Peach Foxglove | Peaches n Cream Dahlia | Peach Celosia | Fairy Morning Martagon Lily


Flowering Grevillea Banksii | Brownie Tulips | Yo Yo Spray Roses  | Creme de la Creme Pom Pons | Princess Aiko Spray Roses

Cheroke Rudbeckia  | Rain Tree Pods | Cherry Caramel Phlox | Lemonade Cosmos


Peach Grandicolor Protea | Ranunculus | Golden Treasure Phalaenopsis | Grand Pastel Cloni Ranunculus

Latoya Spray Rose | Rilona Amaryllis | Peach Scabiosa | Silky Peach Japanese Sweet Peas



Shimmer | Finess | Country Home | Cinnamon | Tiffany | Mother of Pearl/Madre la Perla


Juliet | Campanella | Wedding Spirit | Carpe Diem | Lady Eva



You can find all these wonderful peachy fuzzy flowers and more in the Mayesh Flower Library by using the peach filter!


peach fuzz flowers


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