Production Update: Ecuador Flower Delays

Production Update: Ecuador Flower Delays

In an effort to remain transparent & communicative with you, we have an important message from our CEO with an update regarding Ecuadorian flowers:



Dear Valued Customers,


We are currently experiencing flower delivery delays from Ecuador due to ongoing protests in the region. Indigenous groups have blocked major roads across Ecuador creating delays for several of our farms. Currently, is it anticipated that the protest will last at least two to three weeks, so expect that deliveries will be inconsistent going forward until this issue is resolved.


To help combat these issues we urge you to order your flowers as soon as possible. Take advantage of our online ordering options like Dutch Direct BoxLots, Mayesh Direct BoxLots, and PreBook. These programs allow you to order flowers that are currently available for your requested delivery date and give you the best chance of receiving the flowers you need.

By ordering ahead of time or online you are giving your sales reps and our partnering farms extra time to fulfill your orders. Please be flexible with your sales reps with any substitutions they may off due to the supply delays.


We may be experiencing delays, but our people are working around the clock and monitoring this very closely so we will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Thank you for your understanding and continued support,



Patrick Dahlson

Mayesh CEO



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