Sweet Pea Care & Processing Tips

Sweet Pea Care & Processing Tips

Sweet peas are a florist's favorite, but these delicate beauties require specific care to keep them performing at their best! With intimate weddings coming back and Valentine's Day on the horizon, we wanted to share some processing tips so you can get the most out of your sweet peas! The following tips come from Mayesh Carlsbad's Val McNichols:



Sweet Peas perform best when they are processed immediately:

  1. Remove all packaging
  2. Cut 1"-2" off the bottom of the stem
  3. Place stem in FLORALIFE® QUICK DIP for 5-7 seconds. Quick dip is an instant hydrating treatment that helps maximize solution uptake and keeps flower stems free flowing and aids in reducing bent neck and droopy stems.
  4. Place stem in fresh, clear cool water with FLORALIFE® FLOWER FOOD (optional). Flower food is used for full flower development and optimum vase life. It enhances flower colors, keeping them more brilliant. This solution performs well in all water qualities and is an excellent choice for clear glass vase arrangements. It also helps keep stems flowing freely, keeping flowers hydrated.
  5. Allow sweet pea to drink for at least an hour before using.


If wilting occurs, recut the stems underwater for 5-7 seconds and repeat above steps.


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For more hydration & processing tips on some other finicky blooms, make sure to download our Flower Care Guide! You can keep this handy document on your desktop for quick & easy reference. Happy flowering!
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