Mayesh's Japanese Flower Festival

Japanese Flower Festival: Recap

Our Japanese Flower Festival took place this past Tuesday and boy, what a day! I received such incredible feedback about this event and the...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Ceremony Nest

  In her first video, Jayne Kim of Still Carnations discusses 2022 design trends, and demonstrates how to create & built a ceremony nest - a...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

  We're changing things up a bit for our final video of the year! As 2021 comes to a close - and let's be real, this year was like nothing we've...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Spiral Bouquet

  In her first video, Amy Balsters is taking us back to the basics with a not-so-basic technique: the spiral bouquet. Of all of the Design Star...
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Folklore mexicano en flores con Ana Galena

  En este video, Ana Galena nos comparte por medio de las flores, lo que representa para ella ser mexicana. La cultura mexicana se trata de gozar...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Avant-Garde Floral Wig

  In his first video, Tyson showed you how he would create a ready-to-wear floral wig for a bride, and in this video, he's taking it to the next...
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