MDS x Beautiful People: Restaurant Dried Floral Installation

  In her first video, Hafsa creates a dried floral installation for Lemon Press, a local Nantucket eatery featuring organic health foods, juices,...
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Are You in the Mother's Day Game?

  With so many changes & shifts happening throughout our industry over the past year, we were super curious to find out how many of you are...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Dutch Still Life Arrangement

  In his second video, Gilberto brings the idea of a Dutch painting to life by curating an arrangement with elements to make it look like a...
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Feature: Sarah Winward | Camp Sarika Experience

  Earlier this month, we partnered with Sarah Winward to provide flowers for an event planner influencer event hosted by Utah's sought-after...
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MDS x Beautiful People: Croquet Party Tablescape

  We are so excited to have Gilberto Espinoza of Dogwood & Fir as our Mayesh Design Star for the next two months! Before watching his first video,...
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Can I Get a "Kale Yeah!"

  Kale may be a controversial lettuce in the salad world (I'm Team Kale, for the record) but we can all agree that it's been a fun addition to the...
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