Mayesh Design Star: Angelina Prikhodko

Mayesh Design Star: Angelina Prikhodko

New year, new Mayesh Design Star series! Last year we tackled the issue of sustainability within the floral industry, and each video was focused around offering sustainable mechanics & alternative methods. While we will continue promoting sustainable practices in our design videos, our focus this year will be on four specific categories with one designer per category: Retail, Wedding & Event, Brand Activation & Corporate Floral Design.

We hope to offer a diverse selection of content that will resonate with florists from all sides of the floral industry, and maybe even spark your interest in a different area of floral design you may not have previously considered!

So let's get things going, shall we? We'll be kicking off the 2024 Design Star series with...


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And we have just the designer to tackle this subject! We are so excited to introduce Angelina Prikhodko of FLEUR Studio in Kirkland, WA. Continue reading to learn more about FLEUR!




Meet FLEUR, a haven for those who appreciate the artistry of European Luxury Floral Experience. Rooted in our motto, "Unique Flowers for Unique People," we specialize in crafting individualized floral arrangements that add a touch of elegance to every occasion. From birthdays to corporate gatherings, our collections radiate sophistication. Whether you choose a ready-to-go bouquet for instant joy or collaborate with our dedicated team for a custom masterpiece, FLEUR is committed to creating moments of beauty and joy tailored just for you. Explore the enchanting world of FLEUR, where we bring the timeless beauty of European-inspired florals to elevate your special moments.

I come from Pinsk, Belarus, and moved to Seattle at the age of 8. Although I was too young to fully comprehend the experience, growing up in Seattle proved to be a smooth transition. I am thankful that my parents preserved our cultural roots and upbringing, contributing significantly to my distinctive style in floral designs. My professional journey began at Forever 21 at 18, where I secured my first job and swiftly ascended to the position of store manager by the age of 20. It was here that I honed the majority of my training, management, and store-related skills. Subsequently, I returned to academia, earning my AA and BA in Business, and ultimately attaining a Masters in Organizational Leadership and now working on my Doctorate. Throughout my career, I predominantly engaged in office and administrative roles. However, my entrepreneurial spirit thrived through a longstanding sideline passion for event and wedding design/planning, which I cultivated since the age of 15. These two worlds led me to discover my profound love for the floral aspects of event and wedding design & entrepreneurship. Motivated by this newfound passion, I delved into the world of floral design, conducting pop-up events at markets and coffee shops all whilst trying to create my brand (my admin/office side). This exploration eventually culminated in the establishment of my own venture, Fleur.




What made you decide to apply for Mayesh Design Star?

One major factor motivating my decision to apply for the Mayesh Design Star program was the considerable challenge I faced in establishing a retail store. At the time, there was a notable lack of available resources or mentors to assist me and provide guidance. Making critical decisions without any context or advice from experienced individuals proved to be exceptionally difficult. When attempting to connect with floral shop owners for insights, I often encountered either indifference or an unwillingness to offer assistance.

Recognizing the difficulties I encountered, I resolved that if an opportunity ever arose for me to support fellow retail shop owners, I would seize it. Looking back, I yearned for someone to provide me with a checklist, break down the process, and pose insightful questions to help refine my niche, style, and art. Unfortunately, I had to navigate this journey independently for a year, facing challenges that could have been mitigated with the guidance of a mentor.

What do you hope to accomplish with your video series and inspire other retail florists?

My aspiration is to encourage retail florists to uncover their unique niche and establish a distinctive brand. I firmly believe that branding holds immense power, enabling individuals to delve deeper into their artistic expressions, style, character, talents, and even unexplored aspirations. On the flip side, crafting a brand that aligns with your authentic self not only attracts attention but also draws in clientele who resonate with your uniqueness.

Through these videos, I aim to underscore the significance of branding and inspire florists, as well as business owners, to think innovatively. My goal is to guide them in navigating through challenging business decisions that can either make or break their ventures, fostering a mindset that extends beyond conventional boundaries.


Where do you draw inspiration for both your designs and the overall aesthetic or vibe or your business?

As highlighted in my video, and as I'll likely continue emphasizing, my creative influences stem from esteemed luxury brands such as Nordstrom and Gucci, shaping my approach to packaging, customer service, and interior aesthetics. Drawing inspiration for my floral designs, I turn to European design principles and the distinctive wrapping styles found in Korean floral artistry.

Being born in Europe, much of my fashion sense, interior design preferences, and floral aesthetics have roots in that cultural background. My journey into floristry started with creating bouquets for my mom's birthdays, setting me on the path I now passionately pursue. The allure of Korean floral wrapping captured my interest a few years ago, aligning seamlessly with my personality and vibe. Extensive practice and research on paper types and wrapping techniques preceded my mastery of this style.

An additional source of inspiration for my bouquets and vase arrangements is drawn from architecture. In my earlier aspirations, I dreamed of becoming an architect, regularly exploring model homes, skyscrapers, and cityscapes to study diverse buildings and their compositions. Today, when crafting my bouquets, I envision the grandeur of skyscrapers or the uniqueness of architectural marvels, aiming to infuse a sense of drama and distinctiveness into my floral creations.


What is the hardest lesson you've learned in your journey as a retail floral designer?

One of the toughest lessons often learned in the journey of a retail floral designer is the importance of balancing artistic passion with practical business acumen. Creativity is at the core of floral design, but without a solid understanding of the business side—such as budgeting, pricing, and marketing—it can be challenging to sustain and grow a successful floral business. Striking the right balance between artistic expression and financial viability is a crucial lesson that many floral designers find demanding but essential for long-term success.

Another hard lesson was when discovering my niche I had to let go of products and services we offered. As much I wanted to be the florist that does it all, I discovered that retail floristry was what I wanted to pursue most. So that bittersweet goodbye with our other products and services, such as weddings and even preserved niche, was something I had to let go off which was a hard decision for me.




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