Mayesh Design Star: Dawn Weisberg

Mayesh Design Star: Dawn Weisberg

We're thrilled to continue our 2024 Design Star series and announce our next category & featured designer! In case you missed our inaugural segment, we kicked things off by shining a spotlight on the world of retail design, featuring the incredible work of FLEUR Studio. Angelina's innovative concepts and striking aesthetics set the bar high.

Now, it's time to shift gears and explore a new realm of design. So let's get right to it, shall we? It should come as no surprise that next up we'll be diving into...


weddings and events


And we have just the designer to take us on this journey! We are so excited to introduce Dawn Weisberg of Tularosa Flowers in sunny San Diego, CA. Continue reading to learn more about Dawn!


Design Star Dawn Weisberg

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Tularosa Flowers is a floral and event design company located in the San Diego area of Southern California. Our work has been described as a wild, seasonal, delicious tapestry of color, texture, and scent, all interwoven to create one-of-a-kind immersive experiences. Dawn Weisberg is the owner and creative director of Tularosa Flowers. Her unique perspective on life and flowers and her breadth of expertise in multiple design disciplines enable her to offer a visionary edge to her work. 

After a successful twenty-year career in film and television design, Dawn chose to pursue her passion for flower design. Nowadays, she is able to bring nature's beauty to life by applying a cinematic viewpoint to floral and event design. "The Tularosa Flowers style, as Dawn would describe it, is an effortless maximalism combining Old World European history and California color. “ 

The ethos of Tularosa Flowers is to create a transformational experience for their clients to bring people emotionally back to the natural world through the sight, smell, and touch of flowers. Flowers have the power to heighten emotion and inspire the memories that color our lives.

Dawn's wedding styling and floral design have been featured in all of the top wedding publications, including Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, The Knot, Ruffled, Green Wedding Shoes, California Wedding Day, Inspired by This, 100 Layer Cake, June Bug, Wedding Chicks, Hey Wedding Lady, Smashing the Glass, and the Gay Wedding Guide. Tularosa has been named one of the Top 50 Wedding Florists in North America and Top 5 in San Diego.  Dawn has appeared as a wedding trend expert on CBS and FOX, bringing her knowledge and expertise to a wider audience. Tularosa Flowers revels in producing extraordinary designs that are loaded with heart, passion, and artistic vision.




What made you decide to apply for Mayesh Design Star?

Mayesh has been such a pivotal part of my growth as a florist, that I wanted to be able to share with other florists just how important it is to have an amazing relationship with your wholesale supplier and how using the best quality of flowers and greenery will amplify your designs and help to grow your business.


What do you hope to accomplish with your video series and inspire other retail florists?

I want to inspire other florists to dream big. We all start somewhere, and it’s different for everyone what that starting place is. I want people to know that as big as they can dream, is how big the potential of their business is to grow.

I also want to give people practical examples of profitable floral design and how to incorporate that into their floral offerings.


Where do you draw inspiration for both your designs and the overall aesthetic or vibe or your business?

I draw inspiration from architecture and interior design, haute couture and of course nature itself, the ultimate teacher.


What is the hardest lesson you've learned in your journey as a retail floral designer?

The comparison game is the death of feeling satisfied and confident in your own work. I can’t stress enough how important it is to remember that you are where you are, and that’s ok. When you look at social media, you have no way of knowing where someone is in their own journey, and it’s so easy it get wrapped up in comparing yourself to others, and wondering why you aren't where they are - whether it be social reach and followers, types of weddings, or style and design. 

Everybody has their own path, and that is the beauty of it all: we are each made differently and have had different life experiences. Those experiences shape how we view the world and the art we create. Celebrate your differences, and focus on what makes your work special and uniquely you rather than trying to make your work or your business look like someone else’s. One of the things I love best about the floral industry is that there are so many different types of flower-focused businesses that you can have, so whether you want to be a luxury wedding and event florist, a flower shop, a pop-up floral business, a farmer/florist, or whatever you can imagine, there is space for everyone out there. Figure out what excites you in flowers and focus on building that.


Any other thoughts for our followers before they watch your first video?

I hope that I encourage others to step out of their comfort zone with flowers. Go big, go wild, listen to your inner voice, and follow where it is calling you. Take risks, go for the unusual, the seasonal, and the ephemeral, and know that if you build your business with a true passion, the dream clients will come to you.




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Left: Jenny Quicksall Photography & David Austin Wedding Roses  |  Right: Sposto Photo & Anoushig Events

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Carrie McGuire Photo & Crown Weddings and Events


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Jenny Quicksall Photography & David Austin Wedding Roses


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Jenny Quicksall Photography & Crown Weddings and Events



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