Mornings with Mayesh: Putnam & Putnam on Flower Color Theory

  Darroch and Michael Putnam of Putnam & Putnam were my very special guests on yesterday's Mornings with Mayesh!! They have collaborated on...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Dutch Still Life Flowers & Wedding Flowers

  This episode featuring Gilberto Espinoza, of Dogwood & Fir, really covers a wide range of topics - everything from design principles to...
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Mornings with Mayesh: How to Become a Hotel Florist

The Hotel Florist, Franceska McCaughan, joined me for my latest segment of Mornings with Mayesh to discuss the hotel floral industry. In this...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha

  The founder of Botanical Brouhaha, Amy McGee, joined me for the latest episode of Mornings with Mayesh! Amy shares about the evolution of...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Gilberto Espinoza on Tablescape Design & More

  Our second 2021 Mayesh Design Star, Gilberto Espinoza of Dogwood & Fir, joined me for our latest Mornings with Mayesh. In the first half of the...
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Mornings with Mayesh: Drew Rios on Collaboration, Creativity & COVID

    Our first 2021 Mayesh Design Star, Drew Rios of Rogue&Fox Floral Co, came back onto the show. She answered all of the questions that came in...
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