The Flower Shortage: Explained

The Flower Shortage: Explained

In an effort to continue being transparent & help you understand what's really going on with flower shortages & prices, we've put together a helpful infographic breaking it down. There are many factors that have contributed to the current situation and many things that are out of our control (lookin' at you, Mother Nature!) but also things you can do to help your own situation!

We understand how stressful things have been recently, and are doing our best to fill your orders and offer appropriate subs for unavailable items. We encourage you to share this with your own clients & social media followers - the more we talk about things and educate the masses, the (somewhat) easier it makes all of our lives! 

While no one knows for sure how long this will last, we do believe these shortages will continue through the end of the year and possibly into the 2022 wedding season. We promise to continue keeping everyone in the loop and remaining as transparent as possible!


The Flower Shortage Explained


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