Three Tricks to Crafting The Perfect Magazine Ad

Three Tricks to Crafting The Perfect Magazine Ad

Curate's Ryan O'Neil is back today to talk magazine ads - read on for his tips for creating a magazine ad to promote your business!



The holiday season is right around the corner, which means: 1) lots of people are going to be getting engaged and 2) they're all going to need florists.

In other words, right now is the perfect time to get your magazine ad published. Why? Because the next edition of that magazine will likely be the first one they pick up as they begin to look for their florists. However, creating a magazine ad takes careful consideration to create something that is eye catching and will prove to be significant within all of your marketing efforts. Here are three tricks to crafting the perfect magazine ad.

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Avoid cluttering the ad


Many florists feel that it is necessary to have all the details of their services on a single page. They'll include the special deal they're running and a comprehensive list of services that gets far too cluttered and isn't actually read by their target audience. However, simplicity is critical to a successful magazine ad. Our magazine ad template takes this to heart by letting the image be the focal point and creating a sense of intrigue that leaves the potential client eager to book your company for their event.





Use an eye catching, professional photo of your real work


Let's put this simply: avoid using a stock photo for your magazine ad. Sure, you may have the right to use an image you purchased online (or a royalty free image you downloaded) but it is false advertising to suggest that the work is your own. If you don't have a professional photo of your work, pay a photographer to grab a few shots at your next event. You may even tag on with the photographer who is already shooting it to save a bit of money.

Once you have some photos to choose from, choose something that will resonate well with your target audience. If you're targeting a more upscale client, don't hesitate to use an image from your most over-the-top event. And if you're targeting clients with more intimate budgets, let the work you showcase reflect that.

Also be sure to know the dimensions of the ad and make sure the photo you've chosen as a base for it will actually work. Zooming and cropping can be either your best friend or worst enemy. For best results, choose a photo that is already close to the dimensions needed.


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Include important contact info


While you want to avoid cluttering the ad with all the details, be sure to include the important ones like your business name and contact info. Sadly, we've seen instances where an ad will highlight the florist who owns the business but fail to mention the business name or how to get in touch. Although getting your own name out there may be a valuable part of your branding, it fails to bring any business without basic contact info (especially your website).

The Curate team has put together a great magazine ad template that takes all of these things into consideration. Download it now for a super easy experience in creating a beautiful magazine ad.



A bonus tip on magazine ads. With wedding shows coming right after the new year begins, having a magazine ad gives you something to display alongside the live version of your work. Download our magazine ad template now then check out our Instagram Highlight for some other great tips for wedding shows.

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